Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drive-by Compliment

After we left the last of the three giant mansions, we were driving up the road to get to the restaurant, and outside of Chateau-sur-Mar was this couple having their portrait taken.

The photographer was across the street, and he was waving cars on. Doug asked "should I beep?" and I said "oh yes."

I rolled the window down and grabbed my camera. I yelled CONGRATULATIONS and Geoff hooted and wooted from the back seat.

Doug accelerated a little too much, but I did actually manage to catch them in the shot. And they look absolutely delightful.

Whoever you are - may your lives be filled with joy. May you revel in one another, and not know the misery that Consuelo the Duchess knew in hers.

May you always know that giant mansions filled with stuff are meaningless if your hearts are not also giant and filled with love.

And know it is so much more environmentally responsible to heat a small house than a 70 room marble palace.

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