Sunday, December 25, 2011

Slacker Christmas

It is Christmas and I have literally no desire to go nuts and do. And to be honest, that's a perfectly fine thing.

With a missing wallet, I had no way to go shopping so I was at the mercy of Doug and cash that I could pull out of the bank. I bought our tree by myself (no one wanted to go out, and Doug was sick for a week and a half) so I just got one and brought it home on Monday. We set it up on Tuesday and it stood naked in the living room until Thursday night. I honestly don't think we've ever set the dang thing up this late in the season. I usually like to have everything set up by the 15th, not the 22nd.

Doug and I went out shopping for a gift on Wednesday night after he got home from work. We spent hardly any money compared to years past.... the one big ticket item we bought under "Geoff's"  name, a PS3 to replace our PS2 which was slowly fading and causing all kinds of difficulties. We got him two games, and his birthday is in 2 weeks so I'll get him another one and he's got his family Christmas money, so there will be fun to be had in the pink room for months to come.

Yesterday, I bought Jess some gift certificates, at a comic book store and at the Converse sneaker store, some socks. It seems like nothing compared to a PS3, but it was what she wanted.

Doug and I exchanged no gifts.

But we sank a good deal of money into our Christmas meal. a 3 bone standing rib roast, of which 1/3 of it is now in the fridge waiting to be made into sammitches tomorrow, and a really nice cheesecake from the masters at Alden Merrill.

We did our church's Christmas Eve candle light service and it was incredibly well attended and the music was lovely. We were home by 8pm, with a light dinner and Geoff went straight to bed. I went to wrap the two boxes, and couldn't find the scotch tape anywhere in the house. I knew where I saw the roll last, but hell if I could find it. So the boxes went under the Christmas tree unwrapped, with Jess' name written on the one box so Geoff wouldn't rip it open thinking it was his.

Never have I had an easier Christmas Eve. Slacker Christmas wins.

Having gotten in my jammies at 9pm last night, I find I'm still in them almost 24 hours later. three bottles of wine between Doug and myself, dinner was great and Geoff is in the playstation room, the house is quiet, Jazz is streaming on the TV, the dogs have each had one of the bones from the roast so they got their once a year treat....

Even though I got nothing, I've got everything. Happy Christmas to everyone. Cheers.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    The best things to have. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.