Friday, February 24, 2012

Cooking Class

Geoff took a cooking class today at my "awesome" and I know life is challenging for him socially. I thought it would be okay, but once again, boys find Geoff funny and girls do not. He greatly enjoys the attention from the guys in the class who think he's a riot, and they're in there doing "opposite day" where whatever the instructor tells you, you do the opposite.

As usual, it's funny for a minute and then it stops being funny and everyone needs to move on. But he never gets that, or refuses to get it (ie: KNOWS what he is doing is annoying some, but doesn't give a shit).

Then I have to publicly address it with him because people are complaining to me that he won't stop. Which, I'm sure, is humiliating to him...

and I walk out of the room and the boys are laughing because they still think it is funny, and he has this look on his face like the second I am out of ear shot he'll fire off another "opposite day" reference to continue the laughter from his gender...


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