Saturday, February 25, 2012

He will find his way

After yesterday's entry about the girls in the cooking class being annoyed with Geoff, I was kind of sad thinking about how socially inept he is. But my friend Debbie had picked him and her son up, and gave them a ride home so I could stay at work and sent me a great email after she got them home.

She told me that the whole way home Geoff and her son were continuing the whole Opposite Day thing that started in class (thus pissing off the girls). She laughed her head off. "It was just what I needed!" she emailed me. She's been completely stressed out this week. Her husband got laid off on Wednesday while she was driving back from a short vacation to see her brother in DC. She doesn't know if she needs to go get a full time job and leave the part time job that she has which works out perfectly for their family schedule. So the boys had her in stitches.

What she affirmed for me is that sometimes it isn't my son who is the problem. Sometimes, other kids are assholes.

Yes, I said it.

Girls especially at this age can be total bitches.  I kind of forgot that, as I spend time with a lot of quality children, most of them boys to be honest thanks to my role in Scouting. But it is true. the Mean Girls live.

Judgmental, I'm So Perfect and You Are So Flawed, Flat Out Bitches.

After the kids were leaving the class, the two other boys were laughing and smiling. I asked if they had a good time and one kid said "it was the best class ever."

Now mind you, the girl who was especially annoyed with Geoff is truly a really nice girl. When she brings her dishes up to be washed she says thank you to the assistant. She thanks the teacher. She's there to do a specific project, which is all fine and good, but God Help You if you're not on her page. I bet she's told everyone she knows about the complete and utter jerk who was in her class yesterday.

And that's alright by me, now that I really ponder it. He wasn't insulting her, being racist, sexist or inappropriate in ways that I would find unacceptable. He just needs to learn to reel it in some one of these fine days. And he will. He will.

So this morning I wake up, my son is sweeping and cleaning (he wants money, he's not just doing it out of the kindness of his heart) but I feel reassured that he'll find his people. There are people who love him, grown ups, even some girls, and definitely other dudes.

My friend Lisa once told me when we were both shaking our heads over the absolute weirdness of both of our kids (her son and my daughter) that "they will find their way." A smile on my face now, as I echo that for Geoff. He'll find his way. It won't be with Cake Girl who can't stand him. It may not be with 90% of all the other kids in his school. But, he will.


  1. Girls are mean

  2. they are. but they also have one thing on their mind at CAC and it is making pretty cakes and geoff made cakes and jokes. we're over it. and he had a spectacular day and his cake is delicious.