Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Preciousest of the Snowflakes

"I was raised up believing I was somehow unique,
like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes,
unique in each way you can see."
-Fleet Foxes

Before I begin, I will say hello to the lawyers reading my blog. Hi you guys! I hope you enjoy visiting. I hope you read entries about fun stuff I've done, or the Grinch entry, or how much I love BNL. You sure are welcome to read whatever I write.

Every day there is a Boston visitor coming into the site through my very first BOA entry, and I bet money (if I am a betting man) that it is the lawyer's office for Mordor, as it were. I think I am being monitored... but that's okay. I'm still an American with a First Amendment Right (as far as I know or can tell) so I will continue to tell stories and share my life experiences. And hopefully they enjoy the tales shared herein.

I had an interesting day at work. Jo can attest to this, as I am currently drinking the bottle of wine she gave me for the suffering I went through today.

We had two very angry parents called because they missed out on signing up for a cooking series for their kids. I understand being frustrated. They thought they had plenty of time to get in the next session, it starts the week of February 27th. But other people beat them to it. We don't give "preference" as it were to people who are current students. The classes are out there. If people want in, they sign up. We have five different sessions for this age group. Only this particular session is sold out. But these ladies were not happy. Oh no they were not.

One could say they were downright mother fucking bullshit to the max.

I have very rarely in my life been yelled at like I was yelled at today. I was not directly insulted. Nothing was personally addressed to me or to my character. But, I was told to do things like create another session so they can attend. I was told to call the people who "took" their seats and tell them they had to move to another session. I was told that our business practices were unacceptable. I was told that they, as current customers, deserve the place in the class. Far more than some other parent.

Basically, I was told that because someone didn't act quickly enough it was our fault. This happens sometimes at work. Usually with Summer Vacation classes. A lot of our sessions sell out in February, and people call in like JUNE wanting to sign up for camp, but the sessions are full. We can't crowbar a child into a session. The information goes out literally in November in our newsletter. We market it, we pimp it, we tell people about it.... and invariably someone does not sign up and then says "Well, what do you expect me to tell my daughter, who wants to be in this class?"

How about tell her that mommy didn't act soon enough and blew it? Make a note to check in with us in January next, and sign up. Okay?

Thing about all of this is, I know how it is to be disappointed on behalf of my kid. Jess once got dropped from a class in high school for no reason other than there were too many kids so they cut some, and she was one. I pitched a fit on her behalf. I got her in the class by bitching and fighting. I went to the superintendent's office. I argued. I plead my case. But I did so respectfully. I didn't literally embarrass myself by throwing a tizzy.

There comes a point where in the greater scheme of things you should ask yourself "Do I look like a Jackass right now?" If you think you might, you do.

I had come to the conclusion that these particular women are probably women who are used to always getting their way, and who do not care who they yell at or insult. They probably speak to their husbands this way when they do not get what they want. God help a nanny in their house should she ever leave a dish in the sink, unwashed. Gardeners? Landscapers? Any sort of handyman.... you guys are fucked.

It doesn't matter how they speak to people, because they do not value the services given. I honestly believe that. I've nannied for some women in Beverly Farms and Manchester who would literally freak out if I tied their kids' shoes incorrectly or picked the wrong fleece pullover to go to the park.

There is no value, no caring, no love. And hence, no respect at all.

If their "precious snowflake" doesn't get exactly what mummy feels he or she DESERVES, well then hell hath no fury, bitches.

Because in my whole life experience, I've suffered this existence, it is easy for me to just let the women spew venom like Mussolini from the Balcony, as it were. I let them have their say. But ... they will not get their way.

In the position I currently serve, and do so with a servant's heart and a happy willingness to suffer said slings and arrows of outrageous parenting, I stand my ground with no compromise. I stood it today. These women did not get what they wanted. I didn't call other parents in the next session and ask pretty please would they maybe please consider maybe please moving to another day? I put them on the wait list, let them know that if someone canceled they'd get in, and offered them the first seats in the NEXT next session, which begins in April.

They took what was put on the table. And I'm glad they did.

I am convinced in this life that there is no one in customer service that deserves to be yelled at. Back when I got the foreclosure calls in December 2010 from BOA, I lost my everloving mind on one of the guys who called me. I felt horrible about it. I to this day would like to buy that poor kid a beer. Because I know no one deserves to be assaulted, verbally or physically, when the circumstances are what they are.

And in complete honesty, I pray that these little boys grow up to be kind human beings. I know that the moms will be there next week at their class sessions, and I honestly expect that they will not go quietly. Please pray for me to have fortitude to talk to them, and let them know that this is a 3-5 year old cooking class, not the end of the fucking universe, and sometimes things do not go the way you WANT them to...

but you get, in the end, what you need.

Thanks for reading. I hope today you're blessed in situations of stress, that you are spoken to lovingly when you are frustrated, that your heart is open to someone trying to work with you to iron things out, and that you are the best you are.

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  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I chewed someone's ass right off yesterday. To the point where he told me he needed to go pick it up off the floor.
    I feel terrible and need to apologize.
    I am such a bitch before I have coffee, I really need to learn to not speak before 10am. C