Monday, March 05, 2012

So, how's the new "Not Awesome" going?

Finished my first full week at the contracting position. I can't really talk about where it is, no one has SAID that I can't, but I have a pretty much long-held believe that one should never blog about work, bosses and co-workers unless one's boss is someone you met while blogging (Hi Jo!) which is why I wrote so much about "Awesome" and the people there in the past year of this blog.

I showed up nice and early last week, it is a beautiful facility. And I cannot stress that enough. Located on a former estate, there are trails and horse paths and a beautiful pond and greenhouses, and mansions (like 3 of them and I work in one). There is art everywhere, sprinkled about the grounds and all through the main part of the building. There is even an art gallery off the main lobby, and the installations there rotate out, and are published for people to come in and see for free.

There is a humongous state of the art production facility for the stuff they do there, all "green" and "sustainable" and whatnot. All told, it is a nice place.

Everyone is lovely, everyone is sweet and kind. They have a cafeteria that serves tremendously good food at a really decent rate, and I've had about 6 different kinds of soup, all hand made and delicious. Hands down favorites are the green curry lentil soup and the lemon chicken orzo.

It's not as good as the lunches Jo would make me at "Awesome" but ... I won't starve to death and die.

Our team leader is a Belgian with a great name and an even better accent, and fantastic sense of humor. There are six of us, and what we are doing is cutting and pasting content from one web based CMS database to another. It is boring. It is tedious. But .... headphones and getting there at 8am make the day move very, very fast. And I'm hoping it will be over soon. Three of the guys I'm working with were told by the recruiter it is a 2 month contract. I was told 3. So ... we'll see if we can quickly work ourselves out of a job.

There are girls on the other side of the partition from us who are doing graphic design, and reformatting print publications into a new template for PDF usage. I kind of would rather have THAT job but they sound like what they're dealing with is rather frustrating and I maybe should just count my blessings and cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste and go home.

In the meantime, I miss my "family" at "Awesome" and was very jealous last week when I put Jess on the train to go to work and I wasn't going with her.

But when I waited for her train to come back from the city, I got to sit at one of my favorite pubs and enjoy some Ipswich Ale while watching the news.

And with that, I leave you with a photo of one of the sculptures near where I park.


  1. I know where you work! ;-) Even withOUT the picture!

  2. Well it may not be as Awesome as AWSOME, but sounds pretty Awesome anyway, other than the cut and paste part :)