Thursday, April 05, 2012

Doing Something I've Never Done Before

Our church does a Passover Seder on Maundy Thursday every year. This year I was asked to make some food, and to play the female head of household, light the candles, and sing the blessing.

I don't like singing alone in front of other people.

Especially... in a foreign language.

The blessing is in Hebrew, fer crying out loud. In our script (I don't know how accurate this is so my Friends In The Tribe can let me know if this is ever done) the male head of household (our pastor) will say the translation in English first, and then I will light the candles and sing the blessing in Hebrew.

Also, I have no idea if there is an official tune, as I couldn't find one online. A friend sent me an audio file of a version she has done. Another friend said "Just do it like a Gregorian Chant, all one note and go down one or two notes at the end."

No way, I want an actual song.

Then it occurred to me. The band Barenaked Ladies has a Hanukkah Blessing song and the words... are ... almost the same. Except for the end, where I'll sing "yom tov" and Steve sings "Hanukkah."

So I pulled up the song, and sang along, and said "awesome. I have my tune.

I made chicken soup. I made charoset. I made matzo balls. Dinner is at 6pm. This should be interesting. Wish me luck, as I sit here at my desk muttering under my breath "bah-rook ah-tah, adonaaaaaaaaai ell-oh-hey-new mell-eck hah-oh-lam..."

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