Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So part of my trying to prevent myself from having Diabetes is to go for walks and get more exercise. I used to have excellent blood sugars, never over 120 after a meal, with fasting always between 60 and 70. Now, my fasting blood sugar has yet to get below 130, since I've been testing it as part of this diet. The good news is when I started testing it, my fasting blood sugar was about 150. So knocking it down 20 points is good, but not good enough.

I get my A1C retested at the beginning of July so ... if it isn't below 5.6% ... I get to go on medication to control it. So... wish me luck.

Anyway, where I work there is a beautiful campus, with walking trails and many options for which direction I would like to go. I try to get in at least a mile. I walk a 19 minute mile for the most part. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

The weather in the last week has been horribly wet and damp, so I only got out one day, Thursday, and on my way back to the building the sky opened up and then it started to hail.

My walks for the most part are solo endeavors, but I try and connect with our tech writer Jan and go sometimes. She's lovely. I think she comes here early in the morning, runs 4 or 5 miles, and then takes a walk at lunch. Kind of crazy if you ask me but ... she is great and I like her company. And we tend to walk a little faster when we're together.

Before I leave here, we are hoping to do the big loop, leave the property, walk out to the back road, come out to 1A, come back around the front and up the driveway. I am not sure how far it is, it will probably take us an hour is my guess.

In the meantime, this is an example of one of the walks I try and get in. Today with Jan was almost 2 miles.

I did a workout with MapMyWALK! Distance: 1.93mi, time: 00:35:07, pace: 18:13min/mi, speed: 3.29mi/h.
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  1. :( I'm so sorry to say this, but an A1C of 5.6% is equal to an average BG of 114 mg/dL. If your fasting BG is 130, your average certainly won't be below that. But the A1C looks back an entire three months, so if your last test was in April, that meant you would have had to have perfect control the moment you walked out the door of the testing office in order for your a1c to read low enough in July. A twenty-point drop is huge though! Wow! All I can say is. . . I've been known to refuse medication when I don't feel it necessary. It can be done. I once went to the doctor immediately after a fight with my husband, and the instant she saw my high blood pressure (my ONLY high reading EVER), she started writing a prescription. I refused it, obviously. And guess what? My blood pressure is now perfect, and even a little on the low side. If I had taken that prescription, I'd have been passing out all the time! I hope your last month before-appointment goes well, and that you're able to get your bg down at least low enough to safely justify a stay of medication. :)

  2. i am guessing that i will not be down as far as i want it to be (like doug's got) and i will be put on metformin. but i will continue the diet, and we'll see what 3 to six months more will say.

    i'm sure that it will be better. not perfect but better. we'll see how it goes. fingers crossed and your support appreciated.