Saturday, April 13, 2013


Geoff told me last week that his bike seat was not stable. I tried to fix it but didn't have the right tools. We're a tool challenged family, Doug has a tool kit but it only contains "normal" things. Not things that go into bolt heads that are star shaped with thingies sticking out of them. Not fancy wrenches that are specific metric sizes. We have a phillips and flat head screw driver and a hammer. If you need a tool other than that, you're calling a professional.

Last week we took his bike to the bike shop to get it fixed. They gave it a complete spring cleaning and overhaul/tune up. We just went and picked it up and the smile on his face as he got up on the seat was infectious.

Geoff loves his bike. I bought him this GIANT huge bike (made by a company called Giant, how appropo) hoping he'd never outgrow the frame. He looks HUGE on this bike right now, I can't believe how Giant my Giant kid is.

He rode away from the bike store and I drove past him, watching him in my rear view mirror. He still had that shit eating grin on his face, ear to ear. It warmed my heart and soul.

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