Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It is almost like I'm a werewolf...

As you may recall, dear readers who aren't spam monkeys (whoever you are that keeps leaving 50 comments a day that I have to mark as spam, I'd like for you to stop, please),  in August 2011 I had surgery to stop the growth of a rather naughty fibroid.

Things seemed to go well but 4 months later things were not so awesome, and the hoped for results never really resulted. I forget what month I went in for a follow up MRI, but they discovered my body was very smart and re-routed the blood supply around the man-made blockage (called a uterine artery embolism, or UAE) to supply food to the fibroid and keep it growing.

It was actually bigger, not smaller, and all that surgery fun was for naught.

My surgeon and I discussed what I should do. He suggested we apply "watchful waiting," and just see if my body decided to rethink its decision. Or, call my ob-gyn and talk about a hysterectomy.

I opted for the former, because I really didn't want to have more surgery. It isn't like going to a hotel or vacation. I'd rather go to a hotel or vacation. And I really do not like the concepts of 4 weeks minimal recovery time.

So, that brings us to now, and we are rethinking this Watchful Waiting approach and today I'm headed to the doctor to talk about surgery... My body is still held hostage by the fibroid and its unrelenting "FEED ME" philosophy. My period is still no fun, (not that they ever truly are but ... I never had an un-fun experience like this before) as things are getting worse and worse for me.

It is almost like being a werewolf two days out of the month. I can't work, I can't focus, I literally cannot leave the house. I schedule my life around when I think I'm going to get my period. I feel like the knight in C.S. Lewis' "The Silver Chair" where I have to be strapped into a chair until the horrors run their courses.

So... that's what's going on today. I'd much rather it not be going on. But I think wishing at this point is fruitless... may as well make use of the resources available to me and go see my doctor, and find out what a good plan is. Wish me luck.

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  1. that sounds like a massive pain in the...fibroid. affecting your quality of life if you're held hostage like that. so what did they say? I'm sort of the opposite. if I'm not on the pill, I just don't get it at all, which is freaky, so...back on the pill.