Tuesday, April 02, 2013

the post easter update

Looking at my mapmywalk.com stats from last year they have me at having walked 95 miles, approximately. That's just what I tracked with their tool. So far this year it says I've walked 12. I may be on pace to break that 95. I hope I'm on pace to break that 95.

I aimed for 100. And fell just short. So this year I'm aiming for 100 and will get it.

I promise. Myself and you.

In Florida, I tracked about 9 or so miles of walking but it was a lot more than that because little .30 mile walks I didn't track on my phone. Walking to the shuttle bus at Animal Kingdom, Walking at the Board walk. The 2 major walks at Downtown Disney that I didn't track. I think Florida alone was about 15 miles. I'll keep that in my mind.

Saturday we took a just under 2.5 mile walk. The trails are still snowy and icy, even though the temperature has been in the 40s and 50s. It made for slow going, and I think we did a 20 minute mile on average where in Florida on the nice flat, wonderful ice-free surfaces I was doing 17 minute miles.

Sunday after church and a large amount of ham, we went to Gloucester and took a walk on the Eastern Point Breakwater. From car door to car door it was about a mile walk, but it was windy, freezing, huge wind gusts...

I long for spring. I didn't enjoy myself as much as I would have liked to being there.

Speaking of Easter, it was nice and low key for us. My parents are 2 hours south of here but we didn't connect. We didn't go to friends' houses or eat like pigs. We skipped sunrise service but I heard our church had a GREAT one and I kind of regret it now. But. I like sleeping. And God made me this way. So... I'm okay with sleeping in on Easter.

I missed our annual Easter Egg Hunt with the children because I was giving an historical tour to visitors, so I have no good pictures of all my little buddies running rampant through the church. And Jess didn't pick up on my non-verbal cue when I handed her my camera and went into do the tour... she pocketed my camera instead of using it. Didn't know I had to spell it out for her. But.  Oh well.

On Palm Sunday I brought 3 dozen eggs to church with me, hard boiled and ready for dyeing.

It was a big hit with the kids, especially a little girl with Aspbergers who freaked out (joyfully) when there was WRITING ON THE EGG!!! I used a white crayon on all the eggs and wrote things like Jesus, and drew hearts and crosses. All the kids loved it, but she was exceptionally happy.

And this, my friends, brought me great and amazing joy. Also, I was very pleased with all the kids who didn't spill dye all over themselves or make a humongous mess on the table. Three dozen eggs was not enough - Next year we bring six dozen.

The only other really important thing going on is that my 2nd part time job on Tues-Wed-Thurs doesn't seem to have enough work for me to do. I require a great deal of training for what they need, and no one really seems to have a great deal of time to teach me. My boss and good friend B says she feels awful, but that there just isn't enough time for her to train me as she's busy ... running the company. No one else has stepped up to do anything with me, utilize my skills, so ... I think I'll be switching to per diem work. When they need a quick graphics layout or screenshots customized and mocked up for a demo.

I'm kind of okay with that since I think I've been working 5 or so hours a week for her... because there is not much to do. I've been riding a power point presentation for weeks now, which I need to finish, but can't seem to bring myself to get it done.

The cooking school schedule for the office is all set, right now it looks like I'll be keeping my Monday/Friday role there through the summer unless something materializes. I spoke with a tech recruiter who seems to really understand me, and he sent me a few jobs... one of which I'm under qualified for but is a 30 hour a week job instead of a full time contract. I could see if I could work that out... but again, possibly not the right fit for my skills and I'm not sure they'd want me anyway. But, compared to two years ago, he seems to have a lot of postings instead of one once in a while... so I'm a little hopeful that there may be a good job for me somewhere. Maybe.

I feel I should spend some time with lynda.com and brush up some of my skills. I'm feeling woefully not up to speed lately.

Well, I guess that's about it. Not sure what else is going on. Looking at 2 very old dogs sleeping on a couch next to me, thinking about a nap.

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