Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

Friday night, we went out to eat at a restaurant near Doug's new office. He is pissed about commuting, but his new neighborhood is kind of amazing. I've been able to rekindle writing for the Shenanigans With Dave blog, because yes, we've had beer.

I hadn't had beer in about 14 months. But felt that two here and there wouldn't be bad, especially if I'm watching all the other carbs I'm taking in. And I do love beer.

This particular Friday night we went to the Thirsty Scholar, which was wonderful, and the wings were fantastic. I'll be writing that up a little later. We'll be back there. We left before the Bruins game, sadly, but we had a mission. The Dave of the Shenanigans with Dave blog is in the hospital after a series of nasty seizures. He'd been doing really well with very minor seizures, and got hit by a series of grand mal. And then his kidneys failed. So he's been laid up while they try and figure out what the deal is with the kidneys.

I wanted to visit him all week, but a surprise and unexpected meeting with our lawyer on Thursday stopped us from getting into town together (more on that later, just not in this entry as I am not ready to talk about it personally, and don't want the bank that shall not be named to read it here first)...

Friday night at the hospital is a good time. He's got a great room with a hugely beautiful view of Beacon Hill. We laughed our asses off. His nurse is a very nice Danish dude with an ADORABLE accent... he reminded me of my brother in law with his smile and his kind demeanor. I loved him.

Saturday morning I got up with Geoff and we went to the electronics recycling fundraiser that the Boy Scout Troop does each year.

Geoff was a trooper, worked really hard unloading vehicles, and playing with his friends. I love this picture - the bug belongs to Matt (Dave's son) and the boys piled into it and got all campy. I threw Matt in the middle of it. On the right is a first year Scout who just joined the troop and he is my new favorite person. So funny and sweet. Joined right in with the older guys. Just what I love seeing. They don't care that one is in sixth grade and one is in 11th grade... they're all in this together. Well, some are in the boot and some are not. I love that Geoff and the guys can work hard and have fun together. It really makes my heart happy.

Saturday afternoon Doug and I took the dogs for a walk, I talked to Aaron while the dogs swam and played hard even though the walk was very short.

Saturday night Gonzo couldn't even stand up. Both of his back legs would just crumble under him. He was very sore from the swim... so I stayed up with him until 1am. Jess stayed up with him until 4am. Geoff was up until at least 6am, came down off the computer when Jess went upstairs. I came down at about 6 when I talked with Geoff... Sat down here with the limpy crying dog until 8:45 when Doug came down.

I really wanted to go to church - we were installing a new Elder and I wanted to be there but I honestly got no good sleep. Doug let me sleep until noon. We took a wonderful walk, a little over two miles, with the one dog who can do more than 100 feet on the trail. He made me a cocktail and some wonderful italian sausages. My feet are up, we're relaxing, watching ParaNorman and happy.

Gonzo is doing much better. He can get up and walk around. But this one threw us for a loop and I'm worried about him. Sigh.

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  1. :( Poor doggy. Have you checked with your vet about using ibuprofen for him when he gets sore? He'd still have to stay quiet, but you might be able to use over-the-counter children's IB to make him more comfortable for very little money. I'm glad he recovered within a day, anyway. :)