Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving Right Along...

Seven years ago this past weekend, we moved into our house. I love this house.

We had outgrown our old house, and could have put in about $20-40,000 in converting the whole first floor into one unit, and live in a construction zone for months... so we decided to pass on that idea and sold the house to my neighbor's cousin.

We spent a great deal of time looking for a new place, found this one and decided it was the right fit for us. Tons of room, fenced in backyard for the dog... we only had one at the time. Geoff got a Man Cave for his game systems and drum set. We got a beautiful room with a woodstove, a loft where the computer goes. Three big bedrooms and a room that was more of a glorified hallway more than anything but it was nice for bookcases and a bureau and the exercise bike.

Seven years ago we moved in, and in the coming weeks, we'll be moving out.

Many of you who read this blog know what we've been through over the past couple of years. Suffice to say, we've come to an end in that journey with dealing with a certain bank.

I can't discuss any of the situation any further. I'm not allowed to say anything. All I feel I can say is that we're done, it's over, and we lost.  I'm not Frodo, Doug is not Samwise Gamgee and my lawyer, though I love him dearly and appreciate all of his efforts on our behalf, unfortunately isn't Gandalf. We made it as far as we could. And Tolkien would be disappointed in us for sure, but ... it is what it is.


We are in the market for a 3 bedroom house to rent. Geoff has 2 more years in high school left, and we don't want to pull him out of the school he's in with so little time left. We also want to stay close enough geographically to town so he can stay with the BSA Troop. He's so close to finishing with an Eagle that I don't want to try and move him into another troop without knowing the parents and kids.

I will say that I'm happy that this is behind us at this point. Sure, yeah, I am upset. I am heartbroken. But it is a relief to be done.

I don't know what will happen to this house after we're gone. I worry for it, and it is one of the reasons why we fought to keep it. This is a special house... It was built in 1774. It needs to be owned by someone who isn't going to tear it down and slap up two smaller houses on the lot (it isn't protected by the historical society in town), it needs to be owned by someone who will love it like we did and the previous owner did. Someone who hopefully will enjoy this wood stove room, this lighting, this backyard, this hedge of lilacs, this extraordinary set of neighbors on all sides...  I will miss them the most.

I took this photo the morning after we moved in. I came down this morning at exactly 6:10am and while the table has a lot of mail and other stuff on it, the light was exactly... EXACTLY the same. And this I will so miss. So very much.


  1. ::This is the hugest, longest hug EVER::

  2. thank you angela. i greatly appreciate that like you'll never know.

  3. Sorry to hear how this turned out. For once I had hoped that someone would win. Hug and know that this is not the end, not even close.