Thursday, June 06, 2013

Update on the moving right along thing...

I am up and down, happy and sad, okay with everything and pissed at the world all at once. After my last entry, we tracked down a house rental. We were all set to move for July 15. I started getting boxes and newspaper and thinking of what is getting purged.

Due to a miscommunication, the dude renting the house rented it to someone else who was ready to move in June 1. He was pissed that we didn't want to move in June 1. We didn't even want to move until August 15th to be honest but heard him in his gripeyness and negotiated the July 15 date.

And just like that a handshake and a gentleman's agreement -- out the window. We were supposed to go sign lease paperwork during the week, and I blame myself fully and completely that we didn't get there to do so AND I didn't pick up the phone and call him to say "can we come in over the weekend - this week is a shit show."  I don't know why I couldn't pick up the phone and call him. I don't know what was stopping me... I didn't think he'd just yoink the place and give it to the next comer alonger just like that. But that's exactly what happened. I'm slightly confused how you can shake someone's hand and agree to something, and then throw it out the window.

When I did call him and he told me he was very "hey, sorry. But you gotta understand that guy wanted to move in on Saturday and you didn't sign the papers so. Oh Well."

Yeah, oh well.

Part of me feels like we dodged a bullet with this guy, he's a touch sketchy to be honest. But another part of me feels like the ground opened up and swallowed us. This house was literally the only house for rent in our zipcode this year.

Our school district is comprised of three towns -- we're looking in all three. There is a townhouse complex two towns over but they don't take pets. And I don't want to live in a townhouse complex.

Geoff was a touch upset about the whole moving thing when we broke it to him, but Doug took him up to the house and showed it to him. Then on Monday I had to tell him "hey, remember that house? yeah... Not gonna happen." So now he's freaking out a bit more, and he's also teetering on blasphemy yelling that my so called God is obviously wanting us to suffer and hates us, IF He exists at all... So there's a crisis of faith on him, a crisis of housing, a crisis of "do I have to change schools?" and a crisis of "Oh Crap... am I going to lose my Boy Scout Troop...?"

I can't get into the whole school thing as I don't know who reads this blog. We're doing our best to find housing in the district though. We don't want to mess up his last 2 years of school. And we want to stay close enough that we can still get him to Boy Scouts every Thursday Night.

Cross your fingers. Say a prayer. My friend Nancy said that our house is out there, we just have to wait for it to make itself known to us. I do hope that is true. Not sure what we'll do if we can't find a place before August 30th.

I'm going to try and go to bed. I've had many sleepless nights this week due to this and a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. Sigh.

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  1. One of the really tough things about situations like this is that it's going to work out in a completely unique way. No matter how many people tell you, "Well, this is what happened to me in a similar situation," you can bet your solution won't look anything like theirs in the end. And waiting to find out what it *will* look like is the WORST. Also, I bet Geoff will be able to look back at this situation later in life as a big step in the lifelong journey toward trusting without "seeing." :)