Monday, July 01, 2013

what i won't get my hopes up about

i figure the last entry was unfair.

Tomorrow night we go look at a 4 bd rental the next town over which is in our school system. It is the only listing we've been close to able to afford in any of the towns, and we're also competing with my friend B who is looking for a place too. She has three kids and a crazy ex husband, and needs a safe place for everyone to live that is not in the same town with him (our town). I worry for her. But for as much as I worry for her, she has no pets, there are a few other options in the school district that she can take that she hasn't taken advantage of. I think she should but I can't tell her what to do.

But. If I have to move out of our district, I don't want to move to the wrecked place in Salem NH. I have thought long and hard about that place and I honestly don't think I want to be there. I don't want to move to Haverhill or Methuen. Really do not.

Today a friend of mine from church sent me a listing from a place in Newburyport from her mom's and tots group. The woman posting it is the tenant in the other half of the house who got permission to privately share the listing with the group before it gets advertised.

The listing is a half house, 3 bedrooms,  one bath but a second bath will be installed after the current tenants move out in late July. The price is exactly what we're looking for, and it is next door to our church.

And I love our church. And I love the neighborhood. And how cool, how very very cool, would it be to live in downtown Newburyport really.

 Jess was excited because it is walking distance to so many possible employment opportunities for her that she has not pursued because of the driving distance from here.

If I had to leave our school district and have Geoff go elsewhere, this is a good second choice. In the long run, I'd so much prefer the place in our district but dude, how so very cool. The woman and I emailed each other back and forth talking about this being a good opportunity for us, and she picked up the phone and called the real estate rep before I could just so she could tell the woman to get in touch with me immediately.

Now, I've thought long and hard about things. I know that in my heart of hearts everything is going to work out. I know it is. But I've gotten my hopes up twice, and had them dashed.


I will not get my hopes up. I will not get my hopes up...


  1. OMG. I am just catching up. I am so sorry about the house. Your house, I remember it from when I first started reading your blog. I hope you can find a rental that you like, in your price range in Geoff school district. I will say a prayer.

  2. thanks sweetie. In the end, it has worked out... we looked at and were offered this place, and we took it. let the packing frenzy commence.