Sunday, August 25, 2013


Oh my gosh. Moving. I hate moving.

This has been much better than the last time we moved, but it still has been an utter pain in the ass.

Sunday we met with the landlord and got the keys. The former tenant had left a mile and a half of shit in the driveway, and the town came Monday morning and took 2 trash barrels of trash, which is the town policy.  The place is a mess, he barely left with all his stuff, and left a crap ton behind. For us to deal with. We told the Landlord that we'd clean up but he'd pay for it with a dumpster... he agreed to that but said he'd try and get the tenant to make good. We moved some stuff over on Sunday night, and sighed heavily as we started thinking about the tasks ahead of us.

Monday I was at work and Doug, Geoff and Thane did a ton of work and moving with a rented van. Our friend Wayne and his kids came down and helped too. The two older ones were a big help. The three younger ones were good at whacking weeds and throwing stuff in the trash and keeping the dogs busy. I got home from work in time for Pizza and bee stings. We discovered the garage, beside which we were eating, was infested with bees, yellow jackets, hornets, flying evil bastards. That brought our fun to an end.

Tuesday, same thing. Fewer Bees.Thane came over again and the three of them packmuled everything that I had packed and could pack. Keeping up with them was a challenge. Thane left for NY on Wednesday, so we lost his help. Doug and Geoff continued to work hard, and by Friday we had movers bring over the heavy stuff that we couldn't deal with on our own. Beds, bed frames, mattresses, bureaus and the like. Friday night all of our beds were over here, so ... we slept over here.

Doug brought the dogs over while I was at work. All of them except for Brodie have settled in really well. She is completely freaked out, even two days later.

Friday was interesting for Doug in my absence. Our landlord had been trying to get the former tenant to clean up the mess he left behind.  The guy showed up and gave my husband attitude about how "it's no big deal" and Doug gave it right back with "if it is no big deal, clean it up, jerk." Our landlord had the guy pay my son 40 bucks to fill a dumpster, literally FILL a dumpster, with the shit he left behind.

We got our DirectTV and comcast service pumped in. I ran errands on Saturday morning, Geoff and I went on a shopping spree at K-mart to get cleaning supplies and stuff for the bathroom. My sister arrived Saturday afternoon, and we commenced to working and cleaning our asses off here at the new place. I didn't intend to have the whole day spent here cleaning when we still have stuff to do over the other house.

Today my sister and I did some cleaning here, some folks from our church joined us and we also went to the old house. I think we spent 5 hours at the old place, several of us working hard. Doug and Andy (our friend from church) cleaned the basement out. Andy's wife Jan tackled the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. I went upstairs to the bathroom and Geoff's room. Doug and Geoff went back to the house after Andy and Jan left, and I stayed and worked on the downstairs... my ADD was showing, as I walked into every room, did things, worked on things, forgot what I was doing in other rooms, and so I was not making the best use of my time. Still, I got a whole ton of stuff done alone.

We still have to do our bedroom and the study. Then mop.

I feel that we're going above and beyond on our end, so I'm extra grouchy about the douchebag of a former tenant giving my husband a ration of shit about 40 bucks and a dumpster that the landlord is paying for.

We're now thinking about paint. The former tenants didn't know how to use the woodstove so the entire downstairs smells like burning. There is soot on everything. My sister cleaned the fridge out, and it took her an hour.

I am super thankful for the dishwasher... so happy for that.

And now, Breaking Bad.

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