Sunday, September 01, 2013


Well, last night we finished sweeping and mopping the old place. This morning Geoff is in Gloucester, Jess is sleeping, Doug is the deacon in charge of fellowship at church and I am sitting in the office at a desk that is too small for my body and for our computer set up (the desk/table that we usually use is in pieces next to me, waiting for Doug to have time to reassemble it...) I am not using my laptop this morning because for some reason the i and o keys are not working. I've taken the keys off the keyboard, I have cleaned the components underneath the keys... nothing. Next step is call my friend Gerry to see if he can give me a hand.

I have the place to myself, well, me and three dogs who are up my butt like hemorrhoids because they're still mightily freaked out about this whole scene.

And I am sitting here laughing because I locked all the doors at the old house last night, and have no idea whatsoever where the keys are to those doors. Oh well. Well, I have an idea... it's all about boxes though and the art of unpacking.

My friend Judy said that three weeks before you pack everything is meticulously organized, boxes labeled; 2 weeks in the boxes might say what room they're destined for; week before everything is randomly chucked into boxes; moving day -- trash bags. Yup. That's exactly what happened here. So we'll start with our trash bags and work our way backwards to the carefully packed and labeled boxes. And the keys will be in one of those meticulously labeled boxes. I bet you.

My sister was here for three days helping us, which was such a blessing. Friends from church helped there and here, which was a blessing. People brought us meals, which was a blessing. I didn't break down and cry once, which was a blessing. The dishwasher works here, which is a blessing. My son made dinner last night while Doug and I were at the old house, and even though he used all the mozzarella when he should have used a third of it, that was a blessing. Carrie arranged for someone to give us a used 1996 volvo, for free, which has been the greatest blessing we could have hoped for... and...

The washing machine arrives Thursday, and that will be the biggest blessing of them all.

I found out some more about my landlord and the former tenant... I guess that after the former tenant decided they were not renewing their lease, and the landlord advertised the apartment, showed the apartment, rented the apartment... the dude changed his mind about moving.  The landlord told him "no dice, dude, sorry."

So the previous tenant was not exactly happy, or compliant, about moving. 

I'd informed my landlord about the exchange between my husband and the dude in regards to the dumpster, and all the shit he left behind in the garage. My landlord was apologetic and filled me in on their less than perfect parting. Interesting. Lots of behind the scenes drama while we were planning our move.

There are weird things about this house that I am not used to. I'm wondering when the echoing noise will stop. Maybe when we unpack?

The plumbing in the upstairs bathroom (next to my bed) is very loud and when Geoff gets up at 5am for school the shower wakes me with its screaming.

There is a weird strip of flooring in the living room that is perpetually ...damp? It is kind of weird. I'm wondering if it will become un-damp when the humidity clears up?

Every door threshold has a thing across it that is raised up a bit, like a speed bump. I don't know what it is called, but I hit the bottom of my foot on it EVERY TIME I go in and out of a room.

My bathroom has hardwood floors. I've never lived in a house with a bathroom with hardwood floors. I'm perpetually worried about the floorboards getting wet, the toilet overflowing, the tub having the shower curtain not tucked in just right...

I'm off to Gloucester to meet up with Geoff and his friend Kevin to pick them up post-Schooner race. I hope they had "Plain Sailing Weather" as Frank Turner says...


  1. The echoing will stop when you get your soft furniture set up, and things like books unpacked. If that doesn't do it -- learn to play the harp and enjoy the acoustics. :)

  2. my bedroom has that "speed bump" too. you'll get used it. you'll even remember to step over it when you're half asleep!