Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and the new house

My neighbor across the street told me that we should expect no trick or treaters. In all the years she's lived there, she has had none. We actually had one. Doug was shocked and unprepared. He gave the child an apple. The child was .... insulted.

I really miss our old house. I miss the neighborhood and the layout and the fact that yeah it wasn't 100 trick or treaters but it was always some. We had started putting a bonfire at the end of the driveway (channeling my deep celtic roots, and it being cold usually) with a cooler of options for the grown ups if they wanted a beer or a cider or a glass of wine before moving along. We were slowly becoming "that" family and I liked it.

This year, not only is it raining, but we are on a very busy street, and there is no chance at all of little wee cuties coming to my house for candy. No fire, no cooler of cider, soda and beer, no friends standing out in the drive for 20 minutes talking with us while the kids go do "the loop."

I've missed my house before, but tonight, I really miss it. I loved that neighborhood. I'm so devastatingly sad to not see my neighbors across the street and their three kids plus their two newly adopted boys all dressed up and in the wagon.

My heart aches tonight.

Not even Wallace and Grommit fighting the Were-Rabbit can cheer me.

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