Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Our car blew up on the way home, in a blizzard. That was fun.

While stewing with anger in the passengers seat (because Doug and I had a very huge disagreement about the logistics of what should have been happening last night) I had the following thoughts.

On the Subway: Assholes, you have to let people off the train before you can get on. And going forward if you try to muscle in on me, I will not step aside, I will push you down (you can tell I was angry last night).

Sometimes, when there is a task that does not belong to me it is very painful for me to sit there and watch someone else doing it. Especially if they are doing it entirely wrong.

There are people who walk around who just have dirty looks on their faces all the time. Cheer up.

I do not feel like I am a part of the team at work and it makes me sad.

I am glad I am not a dog, because peeing and pooping outside in 7 degrees looks like a challenge.

I have a pocket  full of cough drops. Would it be rude of me to start handing them out on the train?

There are more observations but i am thumb typing on the phone and finding it very tiresome. I prefer a full fingered keyboard experience.

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