Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Polar Vortex, Snow, Warming Trend, Vortex, Wash... Rinse... Repeat

January is a cruel month. Bitter cold temps, snow, thawing and melting with birdies singing in trees and celebrating as if spring has risen. But Persephone teases us, walking past the window only to retreat to the bowels and let slip down a sheet of ice on our world once again.

My son is going camping this weekend with the boy scouts. It is his last winter camporee before he turns 18 and would have to go as an adult volunteer, not a Scout. So i pressed him into going. Just do it. One last time. We bought him all the super cold weather gear last year -- he is prepared. He will probably move somewhere very warm where he can camp and live in shorts and a T-shirt the rest of his life and not ever HAVE to use the 0 degree rated bag, or the thermals, or the 3 in one Columbia jacket, or the super boots or anything else ever again.

Today, right this minute, it is 7 degrees F out. by Saturday it is supposed to be a balmy 22. Geoff will probably be wearing a t-shirt and pants and running around out there. He claims his layers of fat protect him from the cold, like a polar bear or a woolly mammoth. Not exactly true. But at least it will warm up a bit, and he'll be alright.

The camp out is actually right down the street from our new place, it would be walking distance if our road wasn't so busy, narrow and dangerous. I'd send him on his way with his pack for the approximately 1 mile hike, which includes walking into the gate and going to the camp site.

I hope he enjoys himself. Last time he went, he bitched the whole time about going, and then really enjoyed it. So. Hopefully same result with less bitching on the lead up.

We were supposed to get a foot of snow last night. We got about an inch. Saturday we were supposed to get light flurries, we got 7 inches. January, not only is she cruel she's crazy. And forecasting her behavior is nigh unto impossible.

I'm glad they got a little snow though, because that makes the winter campout a lot more fun when you can do winter games.


  1. winter camping in the single digits sounds like something crazy people do. apparently crazy people = boy scouts, so rock on, crazy people! this weather can bite me. it makes me want to do burglarious* things. (*spellcheck does not recognize this word; then again, it also does not recognize "spellcheck")

    1. dude, they ARE the crazy people! and they had a great time! without being burglarious!