Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"under the mercy and i'm okay..."

Yesterday morning, I woke up on time, got my shower, brewed the coffee, and got my shoes on with the intention of making the 6:30am train.  Two dogs out of the three stood by the front door, anxious and wanting. I opted to take care of them instead of leaving them to wait for Doug to get up. Jack has been especially  not holding it as well as usual.

I knew I would run the risk of missing  my train because of this, but standing out in the driveway, looking at the pre-dawn sky just barely lightening, and counting stars while my dogs aligned themselves with the magnetic poles gave me pause to relax and breathe.

It wasn't freezing.

There wasn't a foot of ice and snow out there trying to kill me.

My knee was feeling okay for the first time in a while.

It was all just right.

Pulling into the train station parking lot, I see the 6:30 departing... it was 6:33, so I could say they waited for me but I know that isn't true.

I played with my phone, made moves in my word games, completely crushed someone who usually beats the snot out of me. 3 tiles for a 53 point score? hell yeah.

The 7am train arrived and took me to Boston. I watched the sun rise, I felt how warm it was when it emerged from behind buildings and bridges. I looked at the harbor in Beverly. I didn't have anyone sit with me until Lynn. That's rare.

Making it to the subway, I walked right onto a green line train. Or, I limped right onto a green line train. Getting off at Park Street I came downstairs to "All Trains" and stepped on a train that was going the wrong direction.

"Next Stop, Charles MGH" is not what I wanted to hear.

Oops. As I was standing there a lady stood up and offered me her seat. She'd seen me limp onto the train. I explained to her that my PT wants me to stand, use the stairs, and walk as much as possible and I thanked her.

My PT would be proud of me -- the staircase to reverse direction at Charles MGH was daunting.

So while I am now  20 minutes even further off schedule and shaking my head at myself, and now my knee is starting to actually hurt, I get onto a train going the right direction, and meet a beautiful Australian Shepherd with bright blue eyes and a sweet pink nose and she loves me and leans on me because trains are scary.

things went wrong. things went right. and it's all okay.

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