Friday, February 21, 2014

62% me

Yesterday was the first day so far that I've felt semi kind of sorta normal ish.

I am struggling with leg weakness - my right leg is bloated because of the blood clot. My left leg is sad because it isn't getting enough exercise overall. Walking from my bedroom to the bathroom requires a sit down on the potty before I take a shower. Exiting the shower requires an immediate sit to recover. Coming down the stairs is exhausting. Going up the stairs is exhausting and a half.

Yesterday I filled the wood stove several times, kept the fire going all day until I fell asleep around 4pm and it burned out. I loaded the dishwasher, but had to sit down in a chair in front of the sink to do so, but hell motherfuckers I did it. Sorry for the language but I felt like a giant fist pump, a double fist pump up in the air with a rebel yell after doing it.

I'm not sleeping well at night - some of it is lower back pain and leg pain. Some of it is all three of my dogs are acting like idiots throughout the night and their shenanigans are keeping me from falling asleep, or waking me up at varying points in the night which leaves me frustrated.

I think I sleep for 2 hours at a stretch and that's good. It is sad that I think that is good.

Today I had to go over to Ipswich to have some blood drawn, again, and my friend picked me up and took me. We had a nice trip and lunch at the Agawam Diner ...

It was the first meal I've had outside of the house since Doug, Dave and I went out on the Tuesday night before all hell broke loose.

It was so nice to have a bowl of clam chowder and sit in a booth at a diner with a friend.

Today, I also made cookies with Geoff. I sat for most of the process but we had all kinds of fun together with the blender and ingredients. It was really fun to do that.

I didn't take a nap.

So I'm about 62% me. Pretty much. Looking forward to hopefully being ... 70% me soon.

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  1. I hope you are 100% back to yourself soon honey.