Friday, February 14, 2014

how does this happen every blasted time?

A few weeks ago, Geoff went camping with the boy scout troop. I took him out that week and we went shopping, bought a ton of cold weather camping gear. Long underwear, wool socks, the whole 9 miles (not even 9 yards, 9 whole miles).

He is going snow shoeing with the troop this weekend, which is all fine and good, except that now we can't find any of the wool socks, long underwear, nothing.

How do you leave for a camping trip with all these clothes on your body, and come home and have no idea where everything is so you can pack for the next trip? I'm not the clothing police, for crying out loud.

And I'm not able to go out and buy more long underwear (because of my post-surgical situation) and I'm not ABOUT to because this stuff is in the house somewhere. For crikey crying out loud. what the barf?

"be prepared"

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  1. "be prepared": Not so much a motto, as a warning for the parents. ;-)