Friday, February 14, 2014

No infections... and some nice findings

We spent 5 hours yesterday at the hospital in a blizzard for me to have a CT scan to find out I have no infection internally. I have a high white blood count, and feel like someone beat me with a shovel. I get light headed, dizzy, woozy, nauseous... and these are not good things to be post-surgery.

I won't say it was a waste of time. Instead I will say I'm relieved that we went and we know that at least... I don't have infections.

I have to monitor my temperature and make sure I don't develop a fever because that's a great big fat red flag that I do have an infection.

Guessing this is the process. One day at a time... pace myself... it'll all be okay eventually.

One of the side effects of the surgery is I seem to have lost a great deal of weight. I am 17 pounds lighter than before. I asked my doctor how much the uterus weighed so she looked it up in pathology. Not even 3 pounds. That blew my mind. I thought for certain it would be at least 10. I can feel a total difference in my lower middle self, and I think the happiest part of me has got to be my bladder. Over the past several months I'd started to develop a noticeable  stress incontinence. I knew it was because of the uterus, stupid and big as it was. Now that it is out of the way my bladder is the happiest little organ on earth. I do not wish to overshare on this topic, but let's just say... this is joy.

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