Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The home and healing journey

I got sprung from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. A day earlier than my doctors anticipated I would. It was wonderful to come home. Not so wonderful to not have a bed with buttons that sat me all the way up so I could get out of bed gently and without agony.

Sunday I felt awesome.

Monday night I got dizzy, nauseous, light headed, and almost fell down the flight of stairs coming down for dinner. Doug had made a pot roast, and the smell of it made me sick to my stomach.

Tuesday was kind of the same thing - sick all day on the couch. Moments of feeling okay followed by walking and nearly passing out.

Today I had my sutures removed, which I thought would instantly make me feel better. It didn't. My doctor ordered blood work, thinking maybe I'm anemic. But they couldn't get any blood out of me. We decided I'd go home, eat, and drink as much liquid as possible. Four pints of ginger ale and a couple english muffins later we went to the lab. I almost passed out in the hall, and they got a wheel chair for me and brought me to the emergency room with me complaining that I just wanted to go to the lab already, please don't talke me to the emergency room....

We had the blood work done instantly, hydration is a great thing. I got a call from my doctor saying my white blood count is very high, so she's worried that we have an internal infection. She would like me to have a cat scan to see if that is so.

Problem is now I have to go through my insurance company to see if they'll cover it, because this hospital is out of network, or if I have to go to the preferred hospital. And then tell my story over and over, and go through stupid everything over again.

I just want to go back to the original hospital. See the doctors who did this. I'm sick of insurance companies and banks and getting railroaded by stupid bureaucracy crap.

But that is beside the point.

Long and the short of it is... I hope I don't have an infection which is causing me to feel this way. But if I do, I will end up re-admitted to the hospital, poked and prodded again. And I just want to rest.



  1. You have not strayed far from my thoughts, Christine. Sending my love for an awesome recovery!

  2. And yet, if you have an infection, that's an easy and obvious fix. IMHO, that's preferable to a Medical Mystery. In any case, I hope you at least have an answer soon. :-/