Friday, March 14, 2014

because three or four of you are dying to know...

The increased dosage of the blood thinners seems to be working. My leg is a lot less swollen, the pain has not stopped all together but it is a lot less than a week ago.

I walked up and down the stairs this morning (down and up, technically because I had to go down the stairs to help Jackdog up the stairs after Doug left for the day) without getting winded, hugely painy and borderline cry-ey, and winded.

Still have the appointment scheduled to remove the IVC filter on the 26th. Appointment to see a hematologist on the 25th. My doctor wants me to see a cardiologist but the cardiologist's office doesn't know why he wants me to see one since this is a vascular issue, not a heart issue, per se. So that appointment is on the 27th. I'll be in Salem 3 days in a row that week. Amy, we can have lunch.

Day by day, slowly hoping this gets all better soon. I want my life back.

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  1. Thank you for the update! I'm happy the new dose of blood thinners is working. I hope all those visits add up to some good news in the end. :)