Thursday, March 13, 2014

Old Images

Someone who found my blog from a web search pointed out to me that all my images in old entries are missing. I went and looked and sure enough... I guess when I converted everything to blogger from dreamweaver it didn't copy over the images and upload them. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't.

Part of me now wants to spend all the time going back through time and adding all the images. I have them in a folder (in fact, just looked at some great pictures from 2003 when Geoff broke his arm) and it wouldn't be TOO hard...

But I have other stuff I should be doing.

I am so ADD sometimes. This is now going to bother me, the fact that I have "here is a picture of Aaron and Geoff at this awesome Geocache" in the body of the entry and a no picture next to it thing going on...

Maybe... just a couple entries... yeah. maybe. I can do that maybe?

In other news, my 21 year old daughter finally went and got her ears pierced today. Something she's wanted to do since she was 16 or so... and she had chickened out every time. So for her to do something she's been putting off since she was 16, perhaps there is hope she'll get her driver's license... eventually.

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