Saturday, April 05, 2014


This winter has been a brutal one around here. The weather has been bone-chilling, the snow just kept coming. Getting sick during the crappiest season of the year was a good idea.

I am starting to feel somewhat better. There are good "up" days and even better days, and days where I literally feel I'm going to die.

Yesterday I took myself to the gym, rode the exercise bike for 2 miles and did all the upper body AND lower body machines. I was there an hour. I broke a sweat, even though I literally have the pin set in the LOWEST setting on most of the machines for weight (i think this is 20 lbs, not sure). There are a few machines in the lower body realm that I had to raise the weight up to 50 or 60 pounds simply because the lowest setting was way too "weak" for me.

Today I am feeling it. Doug just left to go to the gym and asked if I wanted to go and I cringed... no. Maybe tomorrow. A day off would be good.

The big problem right now is my original knee injury from December. Everything surgery-wise is fine and healed up nicely. I'm clear to do a lot.

But my knee hates me so much.

So, today I woke up at 9am, which for me is early. I came down for coffee and goofing off. Doug ended up outside working in the yard and I ended up looking at my kitchen and groaning. The dining table had become everyone's dumping ground for "put this here and we'll figure it out later." Under the table was the doggie bed, which one of my dogs has decided is the "eat a lot of cardboard and tear up boxes on it" bed. The kitchen is a disaster. I started cleaning it, and got it to about 90% before my knee just couldn't take it anymore. Under the table is going to have to wait, and then mopping... oh the mopping that will happen.

I need a new vacuum, so I will go pick one up this week. I have swiffer dusty thingies but can't find the handles that you slip them on. They are in this house somewhere... but where, I'm not sure. I have literally 20 of them.

Geoff and I did a bunch of work in the study. First off was me telling him to take all his camping gear upstairs, which he did. He has a tendency to bring stuff home from a trip and just deposit it in the study, where it sits until he needs it again. He will need it in 2 weeks when he goes on the next trip, and will gripe at me that he "had to schelp all of this crap upstairs and now drag it all back down and blah blah blah..." yeah. do it, deal with it. It BELONGS up in your room, not in the study.

We moved 2 of the 5 bookcases into position. Now I can unpack book boxes. That'll be sweet.

One or two of the bookcases will actually end up in the back porch when we're done but for now -- I need to move boxes OUT of the back porch in order to get the book cases out THERE.

I feel like someday we'll actually live here. Just in time to pack and move again? Who knows.

Anyway. Moving the bookcases was fun because I felt healthy and strong, and Geoff and I did it together, and it was fun. I may be starting to feel like me again. Maybe.

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