Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Take On Meeeeeeeeeeeee

So, in the "stupid things about me" file, I thought that I should let you know that there is nothing that makes me happy more than the fact that I can hit every note in the refrain of "Take On Me" by a-ha.

And I know all the words.

So when I'm driving home and feeling bad for myself and this synth nonsense starts I crank it up to top volume and dance in my seat and sing it loud.

And I feel much, much better.

What is your go-to or out of the blue happy clears everything up (for a minute) song? Tell me. or... Take on me... take me on...


  1. Tribute, by Tenacious D. "Rock OOOOOOONNNNNN!!" It conjures up images of long car trips in my early 20s with my boyfriend-cum-husband, my feet on the dash, both of us throwing our heads back and neglecting to watch the road.... Jeremy just informed me the lead dude's a Satanist. Which is a little bit funny, because my other two are "The Word" by Sara Groves and "Dream for You" by Casting Crowns. Heh.

    1. Which lead singer dude, Jack Black or Kyle Gass? I think they both joke around about the whole devil worship thing because rock bands are supposed to do that... I haven't seen any true verification they worship satan per se. they would never defeat him in the greatest song ever if they believed it. heh.

      I also greatly enjoy metallica at top volumes and "What a Good Boy" by barenaked ladies. But this one always gets me. and listening to the refrain and realizing how low that first note is... this girl enjoys belting out from high to low on that one.