Friday, January 02, 2015

There are certain joys

Getting home semi-early tonight, we opted to make left over ham sammitches and doug suggested home made french fries. Which got Geoff super excited, and made me inwardly groan.

I had G do all the prep on the potatoes, and then I put the first layer into the frying pan. He watched me do it, and watched me turn each of the slices over and check the coloring. After the first batch was done he said "Go sit with your husband, I got this set."

So. I'm sitting with my husband. He's got this set.


  1. Elizabeth at the Last Stop on the Train9:45 PM

    I long for the day… And if your Geoff has reached this point, then I will hold out hope for my own kids. Thank you for this bit of inspiration!

    1. heh. well, you know geoff's story, and how hard this has been for him in life. Scouts have taught him a lot, and he's worked incredibly hard to become the young man he is. There is more than hope for your kids.