Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Small Task

A friend of mine was selling a couch. He moved into a condo closer to the city and when the movers brought his couch it didn't fit in any of the rooms. 96 inches long.

We measured our space and it would more than fit, we'd have another foot and a half beyond the end.

So I decided I'd buy it.

We rented a U-haul van near his house and went over to pick it up. Thankfully, it is a light-weight couch from Bob's Discount Furniture and not a sleeper sofa from Jordan's or something.

Doug and I managed to get it down the stairs successfully and into the van.

We came home and Doug, like a bull in a china shop, started pushing things around to get the gross old dead couch (missing a cushion, beat up over the years of use, we were the third family to own it),  out of the living room.

I scrambled to move the rug and pick things up that were flying all over the place. He gets like this. This "DO ALL THE THINGS!" kind of spirit, like when he painted 3/4 of our living room walls a few weeks back (wall 4 will e painted when we pic an accent color, as it is the wall where the TV is...)

But we can't get the couch out of the room.

He has no recollection of how he, Geoff and Thane got the couch in here in the first place.

We sat on the cushion-less old couch (those cushions had been thrown into the yard in his efforts of fastness) and he tried to recall how the couch got here.

He realized it probably came in through the back porch.

The back porch: Where boxes and things we didn't exactly need or want to move to the attic just ... landed. In August 2013. when we moved in.

More things have moved in there since the big move-in. So it is kind of a mess. Ugh.

And now I need to kind of make it so we can get out that way, since we cannot go out the other way.

It is a project I've been meaning to do forever. And every time I look at it I groan. You've got to be joking me. This mess? Ughhhhhhhhhhh.

Can I put more Hs on that. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.hhhh

Last night we did some organizing and got the couch out of the van so we could return the van (which we are going to do after we watch some football.

But I gotta get out there before Mister Bull In A China Shop does and he just makes an even bigger mess out of the situation.

God help me.

I feel like I need to take a day off of work this week to do this. Let Doug and Jess head into the city and I'll stay here and crank up the tunes and just clean up.

In the meantime, dead couch is in the kitchen.

We have another couch in the living room that Doug wants to put in the front room. I'd rather have Jess take it and be done with it. When we bought our last house the previous owner left it for us since we'd have more than one room in the house that could be used as a living room and he thought we could use it. But ... It's gotta be like 20 something years old at this rate and for the past 10 we've sat the hell out of it.

We got an accent chair with the couch purchase so Doug is perched in that.

In fact, here is a picture of Liz's dog trying to get comfy in it so she can look out the window and watch for mom.

Apologies for the floor - That's not a real priority for my landlord but this room would be so nice with  beautifully refinished floors. The exposed area there is where the old couch was, and the new couch will be.

Hopefully soon.

And it just goes to show with out lives. A small thing turns into a giant super unbelievable thing. And it is complicated when all you wanted was something small and simple. A couch. that's it. But now I gotta do a billion things.

No wonder I'm so dang tired all the time.

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