Saturday, January 23, 2016

Electric Hand Saws and Safety

We had ordered two cords of wood this year for the wood stove. Our supplier usually sends us short wood, since our wood stove is kind of small. For some reason, we got a lot more pieces that are just too big for the stove.

I decided we needed an electric handheld saw that could be used safely indoors, and so now Doug is having a field day cutting pieces of wood down to size to fit into the fire.

Geoff came down while I was taking the tool out of the box, and evaluated the equipment. He looked around a little bit and said "You did buy safety goggles to use while operating this equipment, didn't you?"

Well, to be honest, I thought about it but I didn't actually buy any. Geoff was a little shocked. Doug told me that he has shatterproof eyeglasses so he isn't worried about goggles.

Geoff declared that neither he nor I could use the handsaw without goggles on.

Guess that EMT training pays off in his being super safe. Or he finally is aware of all that Scout training he received is clicking.

Don't tell him but I used it without goggles. And felt guilty. Because I know better.

Today he is taking the first of two licensing tests, it is a practical  test - hands on, hard stuff. He has to know it all inside out. He then has to take a written test. And then he is fully licensed. So fingers are crossed (and safe, far away from electric saws), and hopes that he'll pass and it'll all be great.


  1. I love that Geoff called you on the goggles. That's great. It's Sunday now - how did the test go?

    1. He did not pass. He's a bit dejected, but will rebound and we'll see about getting him through a second test. Sometimes taking an unknown test is hard - and the second time through is aces. Thanks for asking!