Thursday, November 01, 2001

Candy wrappers, chaos and no anthrax

We survived the "evils" of the pagan ritual of trick or treating, even though it was drizzly and chilly. It wasn't pouring, there was no cutting wind. We ventured out among the treat seekers for about an hour, came home, and enjoyed some chocolate by candle light, and then after the shorties went to bed Doug and I watched the very abysmal "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and laughed and laughed at it's attempt at being a super artsy film and its success at being just funny and campy.

We found ourselves surrounded with candy this morning, mindful of the Day of the Saints. While eating Kit Kat bars and Skittles, it is my hope for myself, my family and all of you to be numbered with the saints in glory everlasting, whenever that day may come.

The day following all hallows is just as important in the reckoning of thought in the church, and fun traditions aside, this is a day to think on our faith and future.

Sounds kind of heavy for this journal, but it's on my mind and that's what the journal is about, right kids?

Anyway. The Tricking and or Treating was mostly in the treating realm. We didn't trick anyone, although Geoff was quite dangerous weilding his plastic sabre and yelling "G'day Matey" instead of "Ahoy, Matey!" as he got his terms muddled with Jessica's Aussie line. Both of them were great halloweeners, and good troopers. They got about 70 pieces of candy each. All told I think we only hit about 2 dozen houses. Folks were generous.

Under the circumstances here with everyone being on this "heightened sense of alert" and freaking out over bioterrorism and our imminent deaths at the hands of some psychos, it was very refreshing to get out in the neighborhood. I enjoyed seeing all the kids in their getups, saying hello to people we really never ever see. I felt that even though the American Media has been putting most of us in this fearful state of paranoia, we were out and in essence holding a candle up to curse the darkness. I felt empowered. It was enjoyable to me to just get out and be the way we always are supposed to be. I just wish it wasn't so damn pitch black dark out at 6pm. We really do need to move closer to the equator and deeper west into the time zone... I wonder what the most optimal Eastern time zone property is for getting the most evening light...

I just spent a half hour typing about why Derek Jeter is up there in the top corner. I bet you are dying to know.

In short, When I went to close the file, I clicked "NO" instead of "Yes" when the system asked me if I wanted to save changes.

Why? I have no friggin idea. I'm an assbucket.

It was a great rant. One that I will not ever be able to reproduce. So well crafted, heartfelt, made me think I had the stuff to be a sports writer. But I lost it. It's gone.

So I'm just gonna say I don't like Derek Jeter. I don't like the Yankees. And hope the Diamondbacks come fighting back and win in the next three games of the Series.

You'll get the full story on why some other time. Right now I have to go bang my head against a cinderblock wall and beat the brains out of my skull for being such a sloppy clicker. I suck. My best rant to date - gone.

Perhaps it is divine intervention. I'd overly offend a reader. Perhaps the things I had to say were just so not nice that my computer railed against me and stopped me before I could publish these nonsensical ravings. Whatever the reason, they're gone. And I just have to live with that.

Oh friggin well.

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