Friday, November 09, 2001

Music makes the world more lovely

The world is a very ugly place, I admit it. My friend Rupa wrote me today letting me know that she is just mired down in the ugliness in human nature and isn't able right now to see how anything can possibly get better. I wish I could say something to make her feel better. But I can't. I can only give her hope that she can try and make a difference in someone's life. And hope that the ugliness doesn't suck her in.

Again, reading Lord of the Rings fits right now in the world, knowing that Sauron's reign threatens to swallow up everything in blackness, the beautiful land of Gondor, the woods of Lorien... the Shire. And it almost happens. But a few determined short people save the day, and hopefully we too will enjoy hope, joy, and happiness as a whole body sometime.

"You're gonna have to be your own prince charming"
I'm listening to a live radio broadcast of my longtime acquaintance Jim Infantino and his band, Jim's Big Ego as they are performing live in studio in a Montpelier, VT radio station. I enjoy Jim greatly, he makes me smile. He warms my heart. He makes me laugh out loud. I'm sure he and I disagree on a lot politically, socially, musically, but I adore him. And I love to listen to him play. Visit his award winning website. Watch a video. You need Flash to fully enjoy. My favorite song on the site that he's got in Flash Video format is Concrete. I wish to hell he'd do a video for Prince Charming because it is my favorite song (of his) right now.

So here's a list of what I am listening to, in case you care:

Barenaked Ladies: Born on a Pirate Ship, Gordon, Rock Spectacle and I figure I'd better learn songs off the new one, Maroon, before the show. Overall I'd say Rock Spectacle is my absolute favorite BNL compilation, but Gordon runs a close second with the original version of my favorite "What a Good Boy," and the hauntingly beautiful "Wrap Your Arms Around Me," with harmonies so lovely they make me cry.

Dave Matthews Band: Under the Table and Dreaming and Dave & Tim live at Luther College.

Hundreds of Big Ego MP3s that I've downloaded from, and love to death... and their cd Titanic which is always in the car.

Brian Setzer Orchestra: Vavoom! and Dirty Boogie. Geoffrey's favorite Band. I'm a big fan of the old standards, he does a killer version of Mack the Knife in pure Sinatra stylin'...

U2: October, Under a Blood Red Sky and the Joshua Tree, which I never grow sick of.

Richard Shindell: Sparrow's Point. This album is almost 10 years old, and I still cry when I hear him sing 'Castaway.' Every fall I take this out, because of the wonderfully sarcastic 'Are You Happy Now?'

Tonio K.: Life in the Foodchain. Hard to explain, but this is an 80s punkish dude who has wonderful, lyrically dense songs like "Why Can't I See You in My Mirror." The title track alone is amazing. And the bittersweet "Better Late than Never," is a sad farewell to a relationship. Still breaks my heart.

"Hey, where all the white women at?"
I notice in this list there are no female artists. I actually do not have a liking for most women singers who try and belt it too hard. I'm a fan of Amy Malkoff and her a capella group All About Buford, and in my coffee house days I think the one woman I met who I still listen to and chill to is Carrie Newcomer, but she's not in rotation right now. She is amazing. Note, I'm linking to her label's website because I keep getting a message that her official website is down?...

Our department has a secret special parking space. All the departments do. And there is a nice parking tag, huge, yellow, screamingly large parking tag, that makes the rotation around the office so we lowlies without special super department head parking can park right next to the building.

I have it this week upcoming.

Happy birthday to me, a little early, but happy birthday! My birthday is a week from this Monday, and that week is a short week so it sucks to get the parking pass that week cause... you get less cool time! So I am looking forward to pulling in here at 8:55 and making it to my desk before nine. Natch!

Okay, so I am so out of here. We're going to a wedding Sunday, Dan and Honey, owners of Tiger and Buddy. Looking forward to it. Looking forward to meeting the new sitter. And, as always, will keep the world updated

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