Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Picture Show...

I changed the index page of my site for the first time. Let me know what you think. That picture is Jessica taking a picture of herself in the side view mirror somewhere in New Mexico, June 2001. I would like you to notice she has her hands wrapped around the camera, and the flash is going off, so her hand is glowing. It is kind of cool... and I liked it enough to pinch it and put it on my site.

Click here to go into the picture show. It has taken me weeks, but I finally got the digicam unloaded. Now that the DVD/CD drive is fixed, we're clear sailing until I give the camera back to my sister at Thanksgiving. It isn't finished yet, I still have pictures at home that I couldn't ftp here... so I had to email them to myself (isn't technology a friggin TRIP!) and filled my inbox so only a portion of them came. But I wanted to get SOME of it up there today and finish the rest of it either tonight before leaving or tomorrow during lunch.

And yes, I have more pictures of Aaron and Michelle than I have me and Doug. Usually because they're so serene together and Doug is off beating the child or chasing the girl, and I'm standing there just holding the camera. So it is odd, but hey. They're my pals.

Have I mentioned our Thanksgiving plans? I do not recall. Well, in short, we're going to go to my folks' on Thursday AM, then spend the night there loafing and barfing and watching football, and getting to know Rob, who is flying out from the Windy Apple.

On Friday we're going to Atlantic City to loaf around, lose money, swim in a pool, make fun of my mom through the Grandma series (oh yeah) and generally act like asses for a day. Grandma and Grampa are coming, and seeing as Grandma isn't a high roller (not that we are either) she'll mind the kids some and hang out and we'll get to act like loonies with Linda and Rob and run around the joint.

Saturday we go back to my parents. We'll hang around. We'll relax. Jessica will play nintendo.

Then Sunday we'll head home.

The next couple of weeks are really busy for us. Between Dan's Wedding, My Birthday, Thanksgiving. Jeesum crow! Lots to do!

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Since June I've been seeing a dermatologist about my skin tone. I'm quite red. Red like sunburn. Thought at first I had developed rosacea, but that's not it. I'm "just ruddy." Yeah. Ruddy. That is what he said.

I look like a tomato. That's another reason why there are no pictures of me here in the journal. I'm not happy with my fleshtones. So he said I have to keep using the topical ointment he gave me, which slows the blood vessel breakage in my face down some, and I could have laser surgery, but it isn't covered by insurance, and with blood vessels this small it may not work. He also recommended that I start wearing makeup.

Now, my whole life I've avoided wearing makeup. I'm just not into it. The goop, the completely fake ass phony presentation it makes. It isn't what you look like. I've been granola girl my whole existence and now I am standing on the realization that I need to conceal the mess that is my face. I am not thrilled. He said their makeup spa girls have green tinted concealer that diffuses the redness, and that I would only have to wear that.

But I've worn makeup before and it makes me look pasty and sick. Ugh! I hate this concept.

So all my life I've tried to put my best, honest face forward and now I am becoming a pawn to the makeup world. Sigh.

I also have excema in my hairline and ears, go figure. How the hell you get it just there is beyond me. And I have psoriasis on my right elbow.

I'm a fucking mess I guess. Well. Part of growing old. I have a prescription for shampoo and a lotion that is keeping everything under control, but I feel like a slave to chemistry.

My mother told me that her father had psoriasis so bad he could barely wear clothes. My dad does too... it's disgusting. He sheds all over the place. I know he feels badly about it too. He comes to the house and before he leaves he cleans up and does the floor and vacuums and everything. But he also sits there and scratches and scratches.... gah! It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Meh.

Well, I need to work so this needs to go up there and life needs to go on. More on the pictures tomorrow.

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