Thursday, November 08, 2001

pie, and my red skin

This morning on the way into work I did something nice.

I have a coworker who is expecting a baby in December, and she has been whining, well, in a pregnant lady way, that she is dying for some apple pie. Part of me said, "Well, stupid, go to the store and buy your ass some pie!" in a Cartman kind of voice. The other part of me thinks karma is a nice thing, so I stopped on my way in at a farmstand I drive past every day on my glorious, short and scenic commute, and I bought a pie. A great, glorious, big-assed 10 pound apple pie. It is awesome. The crust could have done with a sprinkling of brown sugar along the edges, it was a tad dull and not sweet, but it was an overall very good pie experience.

So my friend here is all like super happy. I figured, someone brought me m&ms once, so a little pie for another friend is a beautiful thing.

I also wanted to have a .wav of Eric Cartman screaming about pie, but couldn't find one.

When I was looking for pie pictures, I found a recipe for a blackberry apple pie that looks dead killah delish. I could bake me some pie and take it to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, and blow her little mind! Woo hoo!

Speaking of mom, she found the journal and read it. Glad I didn't say anything mean about her. HA! But she did correct me on some childhood memory action -- we lived in a house on NY Avenue in Huntington when I accidentally caused the kitten deaths, and I was 3. It was before my sister was born. Before we moved into the house on West Shore Road. So I stand corrected. I had mentioned I was going to get back into that list of stuff I recall (there is a WHOLE ton of shit from the West Shore Road house that I love remembering) but have sort of gotten away from that. I won't this entry, but will be giving it some thought.

On a different note, this is the view out of my daughter's bedroom window. Nice, eh? Her room is on the front of the house, used to be Clayton's living room when he lived there... so she has a huge plateglass window, which needs a curtain, and a front door, which she is forbidden to use (the door that was used by the child who got bit by Missy in April... it is off limits to the kids, and we use it sparingly). But this is quite a nice site, a full pond, leaves, trees. This has changed since the picture was taken, but I thought I'd use it here.

I hope you enjoyed my picture show the other day. Doug looked through it and recommends I seek professional help. I don't think he at all gets why I am doing this, but that's okay. I'm not here to entertain him, I'm here to entertain myself. He thought the caption for the Kinger balancing the beer can should be "I dare you to take my beer!" Dog guards crap amber beverage. Jessica had a huge laugh. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only mental defective in my house.

Geoff's glasses broke the other night. He wrenched them off his face in a fit of rage and the screw popped out of the arm, and the lens fell out. I had Doug take them back to the shop and get them repaired. Geoff was DEVASTATED about the glasses breaking. I mean, incredibly distraught, crying, wailing. Doug said he had to send him to his room just to cool down so they could talk about it. I have a feeling he is really starting to grasp this, and Jessica was a big help with getting him to realize what he did had catastrophic results. Sometimes she can be a super big sister.

She's "Classy" you know.

Here's another picture I left out of the picture show, because I hate how I look.

You can really see my skin color compared to Geoff's is amazingly red. Aside from me being just amazingly fat, I'm also pretty ugly here, and red like lobster. My dermatologist states the redness isn't getting any worse, which I suppose is super and great, but I used to have such nice skin. Damnit!

So I have to make this appointment to see the makeup babes at the dermatologist office. They'll put pasty white creamy crap all over my skin that will make it all oily and break out and I'll just resign myself to wearing a fucking BAG on my head forever.

Perhaps I'll just jump to that step now. I think Geoff is so cute here... I ought to just cut me out of the picture and have him here. Damn, what a cutie. I'll keep you posted on my trials and tribulations as a cosmetics consumer. An unhappy cosmetics consumer. I long for the granola days of my youth.

And in final news, yesterday I was in search of a babysitter. We sort of had a girl, she is in college and luckily when we needed her she was in town. She goes to Brown University. But now she doesn't come home much. So I asked my daughter's friend's mom, a woman I'm friendly with too and enjoy being with, and she agreed... but had the wrong week. So she called me Monday apologizing.

I thought we were up the creek. We are going to a wedding, and it is kidfree, and we got invited only because I jokingly asked why we weren't (this is my buddy Dan's wedding -- and I didn't expect to be invited to what I thought was an immediate family and absolute closest friends affair, but Dan added me, and I begged him not to invite us because I was just kidding... but he insisted. Oy)... So for me to call him back after he added me would suck.

So I opted to call the college that Doug and I went to and put in an add at the student employment office. I didn't think we'd get a single call back on such short notice, but 5 girls called me. Amazing. So I picked one to sit, she's a senior, a Communications major, and my friend Mark who is now a professor there (teaching at the ole alma mater... sigh) is her advisor. She is looking to either be a film critic (ah, my kinda gal! My favorite pastime, ragging on films! The fact as a Christian she knows there are movies out there makes me think she isn't afraid of the real world, I just hope the type of film criticism she does isn't that super evangelical criticism where they think Arthur's First Movie is satanic, not to mention WHAT they think of Austin Powers!). I shared with her my secret desire to go to NYU film school and write my doctoral thesis on the Coen Brothers, and she thought that was genius. Points with me!

After talking to her, I suddenly felt so amazingly OLD!!! Knowing that this person was probably born in 1980 also freaks the crap out of me. But ... I'll get over it.

She'll be picked up by Doug Sunday morning while the kids and I are at church, and we'll have a quick 1/2 hour of getting acquainted. I called her references, I emailed Mark to ask if she was a mental case or a good student, glowing response ensued... So it looks like we found ourselves a sitter. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I think that my desire to distance myself as much from the evangelical college scene was rather strong, but then I remember hey -- I survived it and am kind of normal, ish, and so there has to be a student or two there I might relate to. After all, that's how we met Aaron and Michelle... both were students working for the public safety office when Doug was a patrol officer there, and I remember Michelle being so excited to meet me, and go for walks, and meet baby Jessica when she was born... sigh.

I'm all over the map today... but here's a good memory to end on. When Aaron and Michelle started dating, they hadn't been together very long and Valentine's day was coming. Aaron, a 19 year old freshman, with no car, asked me to take him to buy a gift for Michelle. I had Jessica in tow, it was 1993, and she was not quite 1. We shopped a bunch of places, and I initially felt really weird what with me being a 24 year old with a kid taking this freshman around.

But we had a blast and a half... we picked retardedly funny gifts, Aaron and I both laughing our asses off. He got her a Ren or a Stimpy, I forget which... I'm sure he'll remember, and a robotic hand, and he got some flowers and other stuff and decorated her dorm room door with red roses wrapping paper.

She didn't think it was very romantic, in fact I honestly think she was sort of insulted... but, I think the effort he put in was amazing, considering he was looking for a music box and we couldn't find one anywhere that wasn't a total piece of shite. I recall sitting with him in a fast food restaurant having an early dinner, and just thinking what a good dad he'd make some day, and that Michelle was lucky, and that I hoped to be friends with each of them for a long time, whether or not they ended up together for good. And they did, and we are, and you can hear the happy violins playing in the background. Aaah, friendship.

So when I was a student there, I found normal people who were grounded in their faith and not all insane about it types to be friends with; as an adult out of school, I found a couple more; and now, as a Mom, I think I've found yet another normal student to get to know. Perhaps not all hope is lost.

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