Thursday, November 15, 2001

Secret keeper

I gave Kinger his first official arthritis medication dose today. Jessica called me when she got home to let me know he had NOT puked all over the place. That's a good thing. Nothing worse than coming home to piles of sick dog deposit in the carpeting. Shudder. Shudder.

The super secret office baby shower that has taken over my life is tomorrow. I will attempt to not cough all over the mother. And I will be duly relieved to have it over and done with. And I will remember my solemn oath to never get involved in this kind of a shenanigan again.

Seeing as I am the woman in charge, it feels kind of nice to know that she has no clue, no inkling that she is about to be showered.

I feel I've kept a secret for a change.

I went out at lunch today and spent the remaining gift money from the rest of the clan. I overspent, by about 20 bucks, but that wasn't bad because two people came up to me today to throw ten bucks each at me, so we're even.

Now I have to buy baby-esque cutsie-assed wrapping paper and "make it shine, girls, make it shine!!!" (Say that in your best gay choreographer voice).

I've been reading the news from Kabul, noting that the Talibaners (if that's what I can call them...) are retreating to their own territory where we'll see what happens next. They took with them eight people who are on trial for conducting anti-Islamic activities, such as feeding poor widows and yes, teaching Christianity. I can understand putting Christians on trial, really I can. It's sad that anyone gets tried by a municipal court for their beliefs, but ... in this case what did they expect.

The feeding of starving widows though. That one pisses me off. So eight "prisoners of conscience" are spirited away with the retreating Talibanies, and I can't help but wonder if they'll be kept alive at all. I bet they're dead already. I pray for them.

But I'm happy for the Afghanistan people who are feeling the yoke of persecution and restriction lifted. A woman with her burkah off her face (still with her head wrapped by the traditional scarf), her eyes light with happy tears, her smile radiant. Children and men dancing in the street to traditional music blaring from Sony boomboxes. I saw a shopkeeper in Kabul, beaming with the biggest smile, a boombox on his counter. The caption stated that he can finally listen to music while working and enjoy his life. On the shelf behind him -- coffee mugs for sale. Not just coffee mugs... but coffee mugs with women in various states of upper body bareness. Boobs aplenty.

They've gone from burkahs to bubbies. In one day. Amazing. And this guy looked really happy. Perhaps they're going a bit too far. But you gotta figure, like Americans, there's a population that doesn't believe as deeply, strongly, insanely as what their leaders wanted them to. I mean, I'm a Christian, call myself one openly, but thank goodness Jerry Falwell isn't my president or spiritual leader. I'm just not into that old tyme closed minded religion. So that shopkeeper, he's alright with naked lady bubbies and wants to play some tunes... let it be. Rock on. Way to go. Blessings to ya.

Let's see what happens next...

I'm going home now, so this is a short entry. I did want to share a couple of pictures though.

I took this one the other day on my way to the supermarket after going Mussolini-from-the-balcony-insane at Doug. I have a wallpaper sized version if you want it. I left the sideview mirror in for fun. Coulda cropped it out but nah.

Here are the carved wooden bears from the front of the office complex. They sit upon a very old fire truck that the landscaping company in charge of our property here owns. I dig the bears. They're all over the place.

I have more, but not today. Some foliage, some tree getting put in the ground shots... but I'm out of here. Ciao!

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