Monday, May 06, 2002

To Do List; Orioles and Hugh Laurie

An update on The Immediate To Do list:


1. Contact the mortgage company first thing in the morning to get fax number to send my homeowner's policy to them so they'll pay my bill. it's due the 17th. Call the insurance agency to make sure that's all I need to do. Must do. Or we lose policy.

2. Get the form from HUD notarized to get the money (about 1000 clams) from our refinance last year. Didn't realize we hadn't done that.

3. Check with tenants on where the rent is.

4. Verify Geoff's next eye appointment date in June because I think it conflicts with his CORE eval.

5. Contact Dart folks to tell them who to host with and get final info to finish site. They've been awfully patient. And I'm 99% done with cateringman, so that site won't take up nearly all my time anymore.

This week:

1. Download the professor's site I'm working on.

2. Get boxes for the food drive next Saturday, organize church basement so there's plenty of room to bring the stuff in. It'll be fun. Also, ask Pete if we can use his GMC Jimmy.

3. Send mother's day cards to certain mothers. Grandmothers. Matronly aunts... etc...

4. Call Gammy, she fell and broke her arm.

5. Remind Doug about taking Wednesday morning off to be with Geoff while I go to some ridiculous unemployment "retraining" crap. Jeesh.

This morning Jessica was getting her shoes on and I was still abed, and she called me from the livingroom in a soft, almost nervous voice. I told her I couldn't hear her so she tiptoed in to see me.

"Mom, there's this huge orange bird in the apple tree. I'm trying to be quiet so he doesn't hear me," she hushedly intoned and came into my bed quietly, on her belly, to look out the window at the tree. I rolled over and looked with her, sure enough he was there. A huge oriole, I think. I'm not good with bird identities, but he and his mate were here last spring. Just yesterday I'd mentioned to Doug that I was sad they weren't back this year. Last year was the first year we'd seen them.

So I was happy to hear his loud song this morning. I thought I was imagining things, because I was so tired. I got about an hour and a half of sleep before Doug came to bed, and when he did he was noisy, complainy that he broke his glasses... so I ended up being awake for several hours.

Here's a picture of many orioles, I had a hell of a time FINDING a picture of a feathery oriole instead of a Baltimore Oriole. But I did it all Scholastic Book Service with a blow up excerpt and spotlighty pull out. You like that?

Oh I'm pathetic today.

I am going to drink more coffee and figure out what to do with Geoff. He desperately wants to picnic, so perhaps we'll do it in the yard or go someplace for a picnic. He's doing his pokemon battle thing... and I'm going to do a little more work on cateringman's site.

Right ho! as Bertie Wooster would say. Who is Bertie Wooster, you ask? Aah. I forget. You were an English Major in college focusing on British Literature, but they didn't let you read anything FUN... right?

Jeeves and Wooster are characters which spring (sprung?) forth from the mind of P.G. Wodehouse. In addition to very funny BritLit, which should be taught in college, but NOOOOOOO, (I digress) they are immortalized on the screen by Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. Excellent, funny stuff.

Right ho!

I mean, just look at Hugh Laurie. I love him! His face alone makes me guffaw. There are very few people who make me laugh just with a facial change, Eric Idle, Hugh Laurie and Weird Al... But again, I digress. Back to Hugh Laurie... I truly enjoy him in many different series, specifically Black Adder where he is the Prince Regent. Damn funny actor, very talented man. Super under appreciated as long as he keeps getting roles in things like 101 Dalmatians. Ugh. Dreck.

Doug started reading Wodehouse a few months ago. I was very familiar with the TV show, and knew it had to come from some literature, and sure enough, Doug brings home some Wodehouse from a bookstore. Indeed. So I've been addicted since. Check out that Jeeves & Wooster page, and also go check out his Ashland Oregon page. Doug and I went to school there for a semester, and I'm tempted to drop this guy a line and just say hi.

I'll write more about Ashland another day. I've got some great stories, kind of Frontier Housey in a way, only with electricity and Dostoyevsky.

And a side recommendation, if you've never seen Stephen Fry in the movie Wilde, I highly recommend it. The story of Oscar Wilde, amazing as it is, is even more astounding as Mr. Fry plays the lead role. If you are squicky about homosexuality though, you may want to rent but avert your eyes during certain scenes... for the most part, it is an astounding movie. I cried, I laughed. I appreciated my britlit degree ever so much more. (Jude Law is very good here too...)

(side note, Geoff just did "Talk to the Hand" attack in his Pokemon battle with me and I just about spit my coffee. Oh my God, that's funny. I countered with the "Don't Go There!" attack. Which for Simpson's Fans makes total sense, right?)

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