Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Procrastination is my middle name...

No it isn't. Bet you don't know what it is... some of you do. Some of you would laugh your asses off if you knew. Okay. I'll tell you.

It's Louise.

Yeah. My middle name is Louise. Thanks Mom! Couldn't be something pretty, could it? Has to be something that Doug can call me "Weezie" with once in a while. He has done that since the day he found out the L didn't stand for Lollipop in my monogram. Louise. Flibbity Floo! Hurrah for me.

Anyway. I slept in. Not really sleeping mind you, with a puppy and a big dog rolling around in my bed trying to get the most love they could get from me. I caught up on my journal reading. And I'm sort of dragging my big assed size 10 feet on getting work done today. It is already 3:30pm. I have a 10am phone meeting with Professor MF tomorrow to finalize her site and I still have about 10 hours worth of work to do, damnit! I suck.

All that will change. I plan on working tonight... I work better under pressure. So Procrastination isn't my middle name, it's Danger.

Tess survived her oral surgery... poor thing. Before I left the mail came and in it was a box from her out there in Alaska filled with picture postcards of her city and dog treats for my dogs. Now how cool is that y'all? Get over there and give the girl some love.

What cookie? Oh, the brown mark there? Nah. There was no cookie there. Burp.

Chad and Remi, the expectant parents of twin boys there in South Carolina, had a scare last week. Remi got put into the hospital for 3 days in the middle of the week, she's in her 28th week and is 80% effaced... so she's on full bedrest a month earlier than planned.

The boys, aka Slash and The Bus to me and Doug, are "due" in December. They will most likely make it to November.

So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Send good mojo. Lift 'em up. And I know how crummy Remi must feel. Having spent a month in hospital on bedrest and an additional 2 weeks cooped up at home alone and on strict orders not to get out of bed, it can become overwhelmingly depressing. So please pray for her to have an easy go of it spiritually and emotionally. And mentally.

After June's loss of baby Ryan, I'm keen to have another happy baby story shine on these pages. My buddy Sean's baby is doing well, and another buddy Sean in Chicago just welcomed his baby on July 30th... so there are happy baby stories out there. I want to keep 'em coming though.

Did I mention my buddy Dan and his wife are expecting? They're the ones who got married in November of last year. They are due in mid October... they didn't wait long. I guess Mrs. Dan felt they had lived together long enough, the marriage was a month old -- let's have a baby! They know they're having a boy, not sure of the name yet (or jokingly "Dan, has she told you what the baby's name is yet???").

My "baby" who claims he is not a baby, is currently playing a video game and singing a song from "Veggie Tales." Are you familiar with Veggie Tales? Essentially, it is a series of christian children's videos that are hysterically funny. So funny in fact that they make me pee. No lie.

Veggie Tales isn't your usual evangelical bible thumping treacle. It's all computer animated, and very intelligent, very funny stuff. There are little vignettes in the middle of the videos called "Silly songs with Larry," and they are... hyper silly. Geoff is singing the 'Cheeseburger Song,' which is a song from "Madame Blueberry," a retelling of "Madame Bovary," at the top of his lungs. Larry doesn't sing it... Mr. Lunt does, while Larry is sent on hiatus so the series can have a more sophisticated vignette segment called "Love Songs with Mr. Lunt."

It's one of my favorites. And he sings it to me when I'm in the kitchen. Making Cheeseburgers. If you have kids, or know someone with kids, these videos are fabulous object lessons based on stories from the bible and literature, and there are more than one nods to Monty Python throughout the series (my favorite being the French Peas in "Josh and the Big Wall," when they tell Joshua and the Israelites to "Go Away," a la the french guard in "Holy Grail...").

In other more boring non-baby, non-singing animated vegetable news, I am trying to convince someone I know very well to start a blog. Single, sassy and lookin' for booty is her theme. She's got some funny assed stories, and would have to remain completely anonymous in order to put up what she wants to say, but I guarandamntee it'd be a good read.

Like I have nothing better to do than to encourage others to become exhibitionists with their lives, and web journaling addicts. I so need a 12-step program to get me out of this journaling thing.


Anyway. I really only wanted to post a picture of Jack enjoying the Dog Treats from Tess. I have to get to work, and I have to go to Walmart to get damn pillows (didn't go last night, ended up not having enough time in the day so we slept pillowless again. Not gonna happen tonight though!). I need to assess what the kids have for school clothes, school starts a week from today. I can't believe it. So much to do...

Wish there was something more interesting to post. But I need to be web design queen for someone other than myself now. So I'll chat later.

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