Saturday, August 03, 2002

To Do List

I love Geoff's Little Feet.

To do list:

1. today, work like crazy on professor 1 and 2's respective websites, professor 1 being of more importance.
2. read the Netscape Composer book and refresh memory; read the Powerpoint design book and refresh memory (for teaching next week)
3. work on Dart Store site. Yes, they're still in picture, although they were out of town forever and I was convinced they hated me.
4. start website for a new client
5. update cateringman's site. slight changes.
6. update Mass. heart coalition website, slight changes there too.
7. figure out what I'm going to wear every day next week for teaching.
8. contact the webcam host to find out WTF is going on with hosting for professor 1's class.
9. call Vet/Dan to solidify dog care arrangements while in Chicago.
10. call unemployment and reopen claim.

So you see, I have a little list of things to do. I got Doug to take Geoff out geocaching (they left without the camera, which bums me out... no pictures to post on the geocache site). And Jessie is reading and Grandma is napping, so I need to bust ass and rock the party for the next couple hours.

Over the next couple of weeks you won't hear much from me, which isn't a bad thing. Next week I'm teaching and have to be to the college at 8am daily. How I'm going to manage that when I normally don't get out of bed until 9:30 on a daily basis is beyond me, but I shall make my best effort. It is, after all, only five days.

I may or may not have a moment to journal over the next week very much. I'm sure I'll get an entry in... but then the week after we're outta here and off to Chicago. I'll have no journal access because I don't use a blogging tool. Everything is on my PC and unless I get somewhere and hook up and download a few pages... nah. Not worth it. So my silence doesn't mean I'm dead. Or injured. I'll just be busy. And that is not an invitation to rob my house. My tenant will so kick your ass if you show up here with nefarious designs of thievery. He's a tough bastard, so don't even think about it.

I am applying for a job at my alma mater as an educational technologist/designer. I so won't get it. Every job I've ever applied for there I've been perfect for, and have been passed over. My guess is that I don't have a great reputation as a super duper evangelical from my days there... heaven forfend they hire someone with an open mind. Oh, did I say that out loud? So my efforts may be not worth it... but what the heck. I promised myself I would start looking for something in August. And it is August, after all.

Okay. 'nuff said. To work! More later, perhaps.

1:50pm addendum

Never listen to the Counting Crows when they make you cry when you're usually in a good mood... if you find yourself stressed or upset.

I am fully stressed out right now, and I just listened to Live Across A Wire, CD #1, Anna Begins.

That is by far my favorite Counting Crows song, I'm covered in goose bumps, and I just sat here harmonizing with my eyes closed while listening to this thing at top volume in what used to be Clayton's Kitchen (that's where our office is) and the acoustics are priceless.

She can't stop shaking, and I can't stop touching her
and this time
Her kindness falls like rain, it's washing her away.
and Anna begins to change her mind.
"These seconds when I'm shaking leave me suddering for days,"
she says,
and i'm not ready for this sort of thing."

And I'm crying.

It is a gorgeous GORGEOUS fucking Saturday, and I'm trapped in this kitchen with no windows in the center of my house working on a website that I swear to God himself is fruitless because this is NEVER going to get off the ground. We have four weeks until class starts and we are screwed.

God. Why do I do this to myself? I just sent Tess a huge email going on and on and on about how fucked I am with this web course that I'm trying to finish, and what do I do? Set myself back a step even farther by listening to Anna Begins. Sigh. I've gotta take a walk. Play with the puppy for a little while, and come back to this later.

Thing is, I haven't gotten much done in the last hour. Taking a break --- a break from what? You haven't DONE anything, jackass. Buckle down. Get in there. Work the web. Edit. Edit. Edit.

Man Alive. I'm so switching to the Ramones. or Green Day.

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