Friday, November 15, 2002

Kerry and Wine

My former co-worker and friend Kerry had a party tonight. She invited me over 2 weeks ago, and I forgot I was invited until about 12pm this afternoon when my former boss mentioned it to me.

"You going to kerry's tonight?"

"Uh, yeah! looking forward to it!" Wondering how I'm going to spring this on Doug when I know he's going to come home grumpy. Starting to sweat:

"Uh, honey, I'm invited to a cocktail party tonight so I'm going, okay? I'll make dinner first"

groan, comes the reply from Doug.

Can't say as I blame him. See, I've got friends from two former jobs who love me and make me go drink alcohol once in a while. And sometimes inviting him is good, other times no.

Tonight he would have not been into it, even if I got a sitter (which Kerry told me to do). It was just a little too silly, and a lot of insider humor. Which was fabulous for me, but not so for him... (the fact that my former uber boss went into Kerry's bathroom and put on her bathrobe and came out dancing was funny to ME, but may not have been to Doug...)

So I'm glad he stayed home and was able to have a quiet night here. Luckily the only one who posed difficulty was Jack puppy, who has developed a liking for eating my bras.


In the meantime, I had a blast tonight with Kerry, Marcia, Malissa, Janice, Liz and my former UberBoss Jeff. He is just the funniest. And I missed my old boss Deb by about 5 minutes. She'll hear from me later! I got there at 6:10!!!

I picked up a bottle of wine on the way there. I know nothing about wine, and picked the bottle because the label looked like an Enya song, and I thought Kerry would like it. She laughed and laughed. I'm glad. I'm such a loser with wine, I have NO idea about anything wine-wise. It is a nice label and I may buy a bottle of it for ourselves just to check it out.

We had a lot of fun, we picked on Kerry a lot. She's a good sport. I hated leaving them and coming home because I felt the party just got really underway. But... it was getting late and I owed it to Doug.

Plus, another glass or two of wine and I'd be sleeping in Kerry's guest room. I love Kerry and I miss her. I'm jealous that so many people I like still get to see each other often. Sigh.

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