Friday, December 02, 2005

Hell is not other people. It is finding you have no milk for coffee

My head is killing me. I got to bed at 2:15 and was up at 7. "That's okay," said I. I will begin drinking coffee even before I go to the bathroom. But I opened the fridge, and the gallon of milk was gone. Drained. Bereft of liquid it rests in peace in the bottom of our trash barrel. Oh woe is me. I need coffee! To get in the car and run up to the market leaves Geoff stranded. So I must wait until after he gets the bus. What to do until then?

Write an entry.

So yeah -- last night's BNL concert was tremendous. Fourth row seats Steve's side. I need to figure out how to make my shutter close faster on the digital camera because 90% of my pictures were blurry. The keepers are up in Flickr in their own set.

We got to the show later than I wanted. Around 7:15ish. K and her mom were with us, and because of K's vision issues (blind in 1 eye after brain surgery) I decided I would ask at the box office if they could upgrade their seats. I bought their tickets through ticketmaster. They were floor seats but around row 30.

The box office manager looked at their tickets, punched up some stuff in his monitor and printed out two tickets in row H, 8th row, right behind us (we were row D). I gotta tell you -- I was quite impressed. Very cool. K's mom almost cried. "I can't believe you asked that and he did it."

"Honey, y'all have been through so much, one may as well make some lemonade with the big pile o'lemons you've got sitting around. I hope the seats are good enough."

And they were.

So I got in at 1, messed with my pictures, went to bed. I woke up when I heard Jessica leave at 6:50. That's hard core.

Well -- I need to pack some stuff for the kids to go to grammy's so I am outta here. More later.

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