Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jeeeeesis and Hannnakhaaaa.

Jessie's school choir had a concert this week. They didn't sing Feliz Navidad. I was sorely disappointed. Jessica didn't solo on a song, like I'd hoped she would. She said last year she wanted to sing one. This year, not so much. Not sure why.

The thing that cracked me up most was that the kids sang Jeeesis and Hannikka. They didn't sing Jesus or Hanukkah. Jeeeeeesis Lord at thy buuuuuurth. I would like to smack the choir director on the back of the head.

Or should I say choir directir.

Around here, people just talk funny, yo. A couple of years ago, Jessie had a substitute art teacher who was talking about 3D drawing and how to do a sphere. She pronounced it "Sveeeeeeaaaaahhhh."

Seriously, the kids sat there and stared at her as if she'd just said something in Greek that they didn't understand.

"You know, a Sveeeeeeeaaaahhh."

After a while one of the boys said, "Do you mean sphere?"

"Yeah, that's what I said. Jeesh."

I know I've said it before but Mr. Householder would have sliced our throats open and let us bleed upon the stage before allowing a single soul to set foot upon riser and say Jeeesis and Hannikka. One of the reasons I don't have a really discernible accent is because he took great pains to teach us to sing words correctly and a lot of that carried into speech. I'll be forever grateful to him for his efforts.

Jeeesis. Pfth.

Well, it's here. Our first Category Four Death Storm of the year. Longtime readers know my love for the media overhype and the weather exaggerations that come with pending storms. We're supposed to get 6 to 11 inches of snow here at my house. At my office, it should change over to rain at some point, and the totals will be a lot less.

The alliance between bread and milk manufacturers and the meteorologists of the region is still a deep dark secret, but we're going to get to the bottom of it one of these days and expose the bastards.

We have enough milk and bread and I will fight off any interlopers who attempt to come steal our supplies. And I'll allow their bodies to freeze in huge piles in my back yard and then build a pyre to dispose of them. I'll use plenty of accelerants this time so they actually are demolished.

Don't F with me and my bread, yo.

Doug got up at 5 to check the weather and the school closings. He's like a little kid, all thrilled that there's no school... my own kids weren't this excited. I don't know that Jessica is even aware that there is no school. She's fast asleep. Heh. She stayed up until 11 doing a report that is due today, or I should say WAS due today. She said "with my luck, school won't be canceled and I don't want to risk not doing it." She's a wise lady, and learned lessons from the Simpsons. Don't ever say the Simpsons don't teach people things. Now she has time to refine it over the weekend if she wants.

Geoff just went straight to playing video games. He's all happy.

Me? I'm going to get ready for work, I'm going in a little late (obviously) because it will be a no-getting-any-work-done kind of day today. We're having our office party tonight, so I need to organize whatever it is I'm wearing (still don't have a clue) and get myself down to the office. I think Geoff is coming with me because Doug is going to pick him up around 3. So the later I go in, the less time Geoff has to be in my office. Perhaps we'll stop at Blockbuster and rent a movie for him to watch on the laptop.

As for the Christmas party tonight, I'm sure the roads will be cleared and life will be good and getting home won't be a problem. I'm looking forward to having some fun with my girls and meeting some folks from our other office if they come up. The weather is scaring off the faint of heart. Which means there is just extra dinner for me! Ha ha haaaaaa.

On that note. I'm off. Have a nice day all.

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