Friday, December 30, 2005

What we have left undone

2005 was supposed to be a year where we got ahead and finished some projects around the house. I find myself sitting here photocopying receipts for FSA (flexible spending account) reimbursements for an obscene amount of money... at the 11th hour. I'm glad I saved all our receipts all year in a pile where I could put my hands on them quickly instead of doing what I did at the end of 2004, which was calling up the pharmacy for copies of receipts, and calling LensCrafters for copies of receipts, and going and buying Geoff a new pair of glasses ON NEW YEARS EVE last year because we would lose the last 79 bucks in the account if we didn't have ONE MORE receipt to show for 2004.

At least this year I had enough receipts and didn't need the ones from LensCrafters.

And I didn't need to make phone calls.

2005 was the year I was going to be more responsible with stuff like this and do it every quarter. That's 1000 dollars of our money sitting in an AFLAC account, and me sitting on my ass watching Real World marathons instead of filling out forms.

I admit it. I'm not very good with stuff. I'm not organized. I procrastinate. I would rather watch My Name is Earl and The Office than actually balance my checkbook, heaven forbid I try and do both at the same time.

Will 2006 be more of the same for me here? The slacker mom 39 year old lazy assed, messy house keeping, crazy kid rearing, hiking fool?

You betcha.

I'm not resolving to change. I'm going to resolve to keep surviving and keeping my head above water. Because right now, I'm actually happier than I've been in a long time. And that is how it is, dear reader. You'll continue to enjoy the happy, ocassionally ranting about something insignificant, me.

I hope that's good enough for you and the five of you keep returning.

On that note... we're waiting for a tow truck. The VW pooped the proverbial bed last night as Doug was getting ready to take the kids down to my parents. So we're both going into work late. We both get out of work early because of the holiday, and hopefully the car can be fixed early next week so we can continue to do our jobs with one vehicle for only one or two days.

The kids will hang out here instead of at Grandma's, which is a bummer because they were both looking forward to it.

Such is life. It could be worse, so there is no freaking out over here. I'm okay with it. Too bad I can't apply Flexible Spending to my Dependent Car.

I'm sure I'll eek in an end of year tomorrow at some point. After I scrounge around for bank statements for the mortgage guy who wanted them last week, and ship Amy's popcorn to her at BadGroove headquarters.

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