Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Excepting Quite Contrary

The "30 days has September" song is stuck in my head. The part about February. Which has 28 most of the time. As I typed out today's date, it earwormed me and now I need to wrench it out. I bet it is now stuck in yours. Heh.

I am having misgivings about Pink House. It crossed my mind, that we'd pay taxes on the land beside the house, land that we couldn't use, develop, put a big assed pool on top of... all so some developer can put houses on the land. We'd get the tax burden for who knows how long... and possibly get nothing to show of in the end. Well, nothing except the coolest freaking house on earth.

The losing sleep over what-ifs is something I rarely ever do. But I'm doing it. Sort of like losing sleep over what-ifs when it comes to the pool and drunk high-school students doing what I used to do and pool hopping through Huntington Bay at 2am. We threw an entire patio set into an in-ground pool once. It was fantastic because the table with the umbrella landed on the bottom of the pool completely upright. The bottom of the umbrella holder was weighed down with sand or concrete or something. And the umbrella being open slowed its descent.

Good times, good times. All at someone else's expense.

So I need to check with our realtor to see if this is a stupid idea. The neighbor cousin still hasn't called us and he's had our number for a week. She (neighbor wife) called this morning to ask if her daughter could walk to the bus with us because she wasn't feeling well and I welcomed the company. But she hung up before I could say, by the way -- what's up with --{click}

Something I've neglected to write about here is on the horizon for January 2007. Details forthcoming. No, it isn't a baby. Shut up.

Barenaked Ladies will be having one of those fan cruises (Dave Matthews just had one earlier this month) and I am so going. I don't care what anyone says. Jess is going with me. Kay and her mom say they're totally going. I just have to make sure we have money socked aside or a credit card with plenty of available ca-ching so I can buy tickets. I asked Doug if he wanted to go with and he scoffed and was all "uh, NO." Fine. Mister no fun pants, you stay home with boy. Because if you aren't with me, he can't come. He groaned.

I'm stoked beyond imagination. And the painful thing is I don't know the details, I don't know the dates, I am freakin' out (as Ed would say in his podcasts) about this... not with fear or worry but giddy girlie anticipation.

So if you're a BNL fan. ..... keep your eyes to the journal here, and I will post what the details are when they are announced.

Speaking of podcasts -- if you are an iTunes user (and even if you are not, there are alternatives for download) the boys have been doing nearly daily podcasts "live from the studio, freakin' out!" Sometimes they are live from Ed's bathroom. They're very funny at times, incredibly nerdy, filled with Ed talking about his favorite Xbox and Flash computer games (N), and a detailed discussion on Steve's recent snip-snip operation. Good times, good times.

Visit BNLblog.com for more details, and the one-click free subscription to the podcasts.

Another thing I completely neglected to mention or think about is Pinewood Derby. Our cub scout pack runs their derby on March 18th, and weigh-in for the cars is this Friday. Have we started ours? Well, as of 6pm yesterday... no.

Doug went down to the basement and cut the shape out for the car. Geoff has been sanding his hands off smoothing the thing out and thinking of other shapes for it. We will paint it tonight or tomorrow, wheel it up, and it'll be good to go. I picked a rider for it (a penguin) and Doug thinks that is stupid. Geoff and I are in disagreement. Geoff couldn't find his Bong-fu Alien, that is who he wanted as the rider... so the Penguin may be having a ride. That'd be awesome.

Details and photos to follow, I'm sure.

Well, I just wanted a quick note here as I wait for the truck to heat up. I'm off to work. It was negative eight million yesterday. Today it is only negative seventy five, so it isn't too bad.

Have a good day, all y'all.

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