Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to Insomia Hour. How may I help you?

I don't really have insomnia. I'm just off kilter.

I am unemployed, and my schedule is such that I do not have to be anywhere during the day. Being awake means dishes and laundry. Or shopping. Or whatever.

These things do not interest me.

When Geoff finished up his summer camp with Rebel, my needing to drive all the way to camp every day ended and I didn't have to get up at 7am to get him and me ready, and then spend hte rest of the day awake until it was time to go get him.

So I basically just sleep in.

I went down to the island a few times to interact with the teen August program, talk a little bit about the tour, take some pictures for press... but I'm not on staff and felt that they were doing okay without me. This being the fifth tour, with seasoned directors, I felt the need to be there assuring the kids that the tour was going to be just fine was ... non existent. And I felt that I was glomming on them, hanging about... so I just never went down.

My schedule was okay right up to taking Jess to college. And now, I stay up late, sleep late. I just finished processing all the pictures from the Rebel tours. I have been tweaking websites that I've made and I am sending out resumes, and of course watching CSI (the original one, the others pale in comparison).

I just finished uploading all the photos that I took during the Much Ado About Nothing tour. This was a magical tour, with great acting and super kids and fantastic locations. The best location of them all is the quarry up at Halibut Point in Rockport. For Othello and Much Ado we had well over 200 people at each show. And the audiences.... LOVED the shows. Ugh. Magical.

Here is a picture from the quarry -- I had the kids go all the way down low and took a ton of photos of them down there. I love this one because I didn't zoom in, and focused on the quarry itself, and the sky, and everything else -- and the kids and directors are all down in the right corner.

The entire Danger Quarry Theatre set can be found here. If you want to see. The light, the faces, the kids were just amazing. Do go see.

Geoff starts school the day after tomorrow. I took him school shopping today and spent about 100 bucks. The big ticket item was a new backpack. He goes through one a year. By the end of the school year it is on its last legs, and then he uses it all summer with Rebel and then Boy Scouts, so by the beginning of August the zippers are broken, the seams are torn... I thought about getting an LL Bean backpack for him but I don't know if they still do that "if it wears out, send it back and we'll give you a new one" thing that they used to do. I once bought LL Bean shirts at a thrift store, shipped them back after I wore them out and got new ones. It was kind of a nice deal... but that was 1986... I should look into whether or not they still honor that kind of thing.

Geoff is ready to start school. I think he's hit the bored wall. He spent the weekend with Boy Scouts up at the Portsmouth Air Show, directing traffic in the hot sun. They paid 40 bucks for the admission and camping and then worked their asses off for two full days. I kind of thought that was a little expensive, but he wanted to go with his buddies... so I paid for it. He had a great time and thought the Blue Angels were cool, but he has never been INTO planes the way some people get INTO planes. Kind of sad, because I bet my father in law would love to spend some time with him in that respect.

So seeing as school starts the day after tomorrow, I will be alone officially. I spent several weeks just hanging around with Jessica. She's gone. And now Geoff will be gone. The full court press will be applied to find a job... but I honestly am not seeing anything that is good, and the good stuff never returns my resume/call/inquiry.

Speaking of Jess, I've spoken with her a couple times. She is doing pretty well. I think orientation week was too much and too boring for her. She got to move in early and do the Pitt Start thing, so she had the floor kind of to herself with just a couple others people for a few days. Then everyone else started showing up... the Freshmen who did Pitt Start earlier in the summer, the upper classmen... and women. She got a little pissed after they had to sit through this big long convocation on alcohol, and then she went back to her room and a mess of people went out and got shitfaced. She was a bit indignant about their stupidity. I told her to go easy on them. It's their first time away from home. Let them figure it all out. But she found a couple groups to join on campus, and she registered for all the classes she wanted and got a good schedule. So on the surface it seems to be alright up over there... today was her first day of classes and I hope she likes everything and does really well there. That is all a momma can hope for, right?

Alright then. I'm officially fading. Starting to get tired. So I'm going to mosey to bed. Wish me well in the falling asleep, and then in the waking up...

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