Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Okay, this is weird...

While reading my stats, I discovered about 50 people hit my blog today based on a search string for someone named Daniel Pinckney. When you look at google you can SEE my blog and a string of content that does not appear anywhere in the blog for today's date.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010 ..... today convicted Antwan Carter and Daniel Pinckney of first-degree murder for the 2007 gunshot murder of a college student ...

Um. Yeah.

There is nothing in my blog today about this topic. I have NO idea how google is returning me, with that content, as part of a search using specific names, dates, and words. I guess by me putting this IN here, now it'll really be part of an actual search and will return search content for the topic, but honestly, I have no details/entry/info on the convictions.

So as a community service, for those of you who may be frustrated by coming here and not finding what you're looking for, visit the following websites for news details on the conviction.

Boston Herald

Universal Hub


  1. zanti6:44 PM

    Maybe it has something to do with your "recommended reading" list on the right there. Maybe the story was on Universal Hub and google read it as content for (a)musings.

  2. possibly, but i didn't think google picked that up. good point... wow. i hope no one writes anything too bizarre that would get picked up and then associated with my blog!