Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being a Champion

I forgot to mention GOOD things, as the last entry was getting way too long.

Over the weekend we went up to Maine to see Wayne and Marcia and the kids, and enjoy some football fellowship.

They have two little ones, Matthew (aka Mammoo) and Christopher. Christopher is 4 years old, and this is actually only the third time I've spent any time with him in his short little life. He brought me up to his room, so he could show me his toys and where he sleeps. We were sitting on the floor talking, and he was showing me how good he is at folding his quilt.

"You are very good at that," I told him.

"I know. I'm a champion at it."

This made me laugh and he went on... in all seriousness.

"I am a champion at everything I do. But God is the King of the World and he helps us all to be champions."

He looked at me with his adorable, sparkling blue eyes and it gave me deep pause. "I like that. I think I am going to try and remember that and be a champion whenever I can."

Later that night he told me he was "only kidding" about the whole champion and God thing. But I'm holding him to it. He said it, and I liked it so... there it is.

Try and be a champion.

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