Saturday, January 22, 2011

Livet inne i snökanon

Life inside the Snow Cannon, is the title of this entry, for those who do not speak Swedish.

I have a flickr friend, Steffe, who lives in Southeastern Sweden, not far from Stockholm. He blogs his photos just about daily, and I enjoy his visual perspective. His blog is here, if you want to visit.

He wrote at the beginning of the winter that there are storms that brew over Russia, and blow across the Baltic Sea. They call the storms the Snow Cannon.

I think a little bit of that has migrated across the Atlantic... and has found its way here to coastal New England.

We have had our fair share of snow so far this season. We're about ten inches beyond what the normal "average" snowfall is for the entire year, and have yet to finish out the month of January and get through February and March. And even April, because snow comes to us after April Fool's Day regularly.

I think there is a solid 3 plus feet of snow out there.

I learned how to run our snowthrower like a champion, and I've enjoyed getting out there and doing snow removal because it is so epic and fun, compared to shoveling ...

We are expecting yet another storm, and our forecaster/prognosticators are saying it will be about another foot of snow.

I have no idea where we are even going to PUT this round, because I think the snowthrower height has been reached.

It has been a long time since we've had a winter like this in New England.


  1. Elizabeth7:20 PM

    I almost tried to read that because I've been following this puppy in Norway... Facebook search for "Snehvit Bernerutsikten" -- an unusual, mismarked Bernese puppy... I cut-n-paste the comments into the Google translator and the above looked very similar...

  2. Norweigian, Swedish and Danish look similar... but there is a lot of difference. google translator is a good time.

  3. I have a flight out on Thurs and I swear I will punch someone if the flight is delayed. Just did this crap last month with the Chicago trip and it took 3+ days (I'm talking untold hours on the phone, getting through to airlines who don't bother answering their phones - "too busy", new ticket, etc) just to fix it.

  4. ugh amy -- good luck!
    do you need a ride from the airport or are you all set on this trip. AND... maybe you should not fly anywhere at all until May. and even then, your awesome snow mojo may bring us a freak spring storm!!