Tuesday, January 04, 2011


My lack of speed out of the gate yesterday caused us to miss two ferry possibilities and end up in Bridgeport approaching rush hour. I opted to wait an hour for the 6pm ferry, and avoided taking the same amount of time driving around. My sister lives about 20 minutes from the Port Jefferson Ferry, an hour and a half from Orient Point. I like the OP ferry better, because the drive west is so nice.

Had I been 1/2 hour faster out the door, I would have gotten the 3pm in New London to OP. Oh well. Such is life.

We got here late and had fun with the dog. Sasha is 1, a Siberian Husky, and very very energetic and playful. We ate chinese food. I think I was asleep at midnight, still feeling like I was on the boat.

My sister is out of oil, so we're waiting for the delivery so I can start her burner again for her and have the house all nice and warm by the time she and Ronnie get home from work. Not sure if that is going to happen, but it is my wish. They have a nice fireplace, and I have a nice fire going, but I'm far away from it in Linda's office... my laptop would be nice to have if they had wifi... I could sit by the fire, with Sasha sitting in the window sill (she gets up on the back of the couch and sits in the window... it amuses me).

I should be researching train schedules and where I think I am going to park in order to go into the city. We may try and catch a short visit with McKey, one of the Rebels... he lives right near the bus pick up/drop off point that Jess needs to be at. It is good to know as in future I'll see if he can host her for a little while for breakfast or lunch on one of her trips home.

Anyway. That's about it. I think it is hysterical that my sister's dog cannot catch in mid air but lets things hit her in the face. I must remember not to throw so hard. Ooops.

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